IELTS: Your Gateway to Canada

IELTS: Gateway to Canada

IELTS: Your Gateway to Canada

IELTS is one of the World’s most popular English language tests; it is the English proficiency test for educational organisations, professional associations, and employers across Canada. The IELTS is an assessment which tests how efficiently you use the English language when you immigrate to Canada. As it is comprehensible, immigrating to Canada can be made much more comfortable with the IELTS test. In simple words, the IELTS is a general requirement for immigration to Canada.

IELTS has been created by some of the World’s language assessment experts to test the candidate’s proficiency in the English language that is required for success in their immigration process. Under IELTS, the candidate is evaluated based on the following four parameters:

  • Listening
  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Speaking

Now, to Qualify for Express Entry, the applicant needs to score a minimum of CLB (Canadian Language Benchmark) 7 in all the criteria, known as, bands, i.e., Listening, Speaking, Writing, and Reading. Even If the candidate gets 6 in all 4 bands in IELTS, s/he will meet criteria. Also, the candidate is given an overall score for his/her proficiency in English.

Hence, anyone who plans to immigrate to Canada ought to have an average ability in all of the above English-language skills.

The General English IELTS exam should not be completed in more than two years ahead of the application date because if more than a couple of years have passed since you last appeared in the exam, the candidate will have to retake the exam so that he/she gets the qualifying scores.

Canadian Language Benchmark

The Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) is the Canadian standard used to assess, analyze and recognize the language ability of adult immigrants and potential immigrants who are planning to live and work in Canada eventually.

Please note that, if you use old or false scores, your Express Entry application could be delayed, denied or nullified.

The table below shows how IELTS General Training test scores equate to the CLB standards:

IELTS General Training Score
Canadian Language Benchmarks (CLB)ListeningReadingWritingSpeaking

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