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Canada Express Entry system attracts skilled workers as there is a surge in the demand for work in diverse industries in the country. Presently, there is an organized system that seeks applications from aspirants across the world. Based on the eligibility the candidates move forward and receive an Invitation to Apply for the Canadian Permanent Residence


What is Express Entry?

The eligible and skilled candidates submit an application to migrate and seek Permanent Residence in Canada through the Federal and Provincial Nominee Program (PNP). Based on the eligibility to apply, the skilled and talented personnel apply through Express Entry. This is by far considered to be the quickest way for newcomers to enter Canada. The candidates with good scores get ranked higher and are invited to apply for Permanent Residence.


How Express Entry Functions?

  • As a primary step, the candidate needs to fill out an application form to enter a pool of applications of skilled and eligible applicants.
  • There are points available in the points grid for every qualification expected out of the candidate. They used the cumulative points earned by the candidate for ranking them.
  • Based on the ranking, they invite the candidates to apply for Permanent Residence.
  • Upon applying for Permanent Residence, the candidate will have to receive the PR within the stipulated time.


How do I apply for Express Entry?

The candidate has to submit some documents that are essential for applying for Express Entry

  • The candidate’s Passport 
  • Language assessment report
  • Educational Credential report

The candidate will have to submit the profile with the documents mentioned. Once the aforementioned are scrutinised and found acceptable, they invite the candidate to apply for the Canadian Permanent Residence (PR). 

The documents required for PR are extensive, that includes identification documents, reference letters, medical fitness documents


What Are The Prerequisites To Apply For Express Entry?

  • The foremost requirement to be eligible to apply for Express Entry is one year of experience in the last 10 years of full-time experience in a skilled occupation.
  • Must have a good command of English or French language and must have secured a minimum of seven in Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB). 
  • Should have completed post-secondary education on par with the Canadian standards and a report of Educational Credential Assessment stating the same. 

However, a candidate cannot be assured of an invitation to apply for Permanent Residence by merely submitting a profile in Express Entry of Canada. The candidate with a great score to qualify gets to receive the invite from the concerned authority.


How To Qualify For Express Entry?

To submit the profile in Express Entry and enter the pool of skilled workforce, the candidate must qualify to apply. In the points scale system, the candidate must score a minimum of 67 points out of 100 points. Varying points are allocated for selection criteria and the candidate turns out to be eligible when the score is above 67. 

FactorsPoints allotted
Language proficiency28
Educational qualification25
Work experience15


How long does Express Entry proceed?

From the candidate submitting a profile to the stage of receiving the Canadian Permanent Residence, it takes about 6 months. Although this is the usual time frame to process your application and documents, it can differ on a case-to-case basis. It is at the discretion of the concerned authority to request additional documents to verify the authenticity. 

The profile will be in the active phase and available for processing for a tenure of 12 months. If it is not processed further due to documents verification or for any other reason, it remains active. The candidate can either renew after 12months if he is interested. 

Who Are Eligible For Express Entry?

  • The candidate with a college or University Degree along with work experience
  • Proficiency in English or French language 
  • Economic Immigration Programs like 
  • Federal Skilled Worker (FSW)
  •  Federal Skilled Trades (FST)
  • Canadian Experience Class (CEC).

Although there is no cost involved while submitting a profile in Express Entry and is free of charge. You may have to spend on the assessments and on other basic certificates. The candidate will be requested to pay fees once he receives the invitation to apply for Canadian PR. 

Should a Candidate Hold a Job Offer For Express Entry?

A Candidate need not have a job offer to qualify for the Express Entry. But having one is going to help the candidate to secure more points for eligibility. An authentic job offer for a skilled position for a Canadian employer will add 50-200 points to your profile application. The candidate cannot mention a job offer without proper document support and is not eligible to be mentioned in the application. If the job offer is valid, the candidate should produce a positive Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA).

Will the CRS score drop in 2021?

Hitherto, there is no situation to substantiate the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score to go up or down. There had been times when it keeps oscillating for every draw. To receive an invitation to apply the candidate should have an appealing CRS score. If the candidate has a CRS score above or close to,  the cut-off mentioned for the particular draw, there are fair chances to receive an invitation. 

As the procedure is tedious and changes from time to time, the CRS Score cut-off cannot be assured even by experienced people.

Should the Candidate choose PNP or Express Entry?

Express Entry is a general submission of application to acquire Canadian Permanent Residence and is free of charge. Having the applicant profile registered through Express Entry is not harmful.

To apply to PNP, many provinces expect a profile in Express Entry. The Provincial Nominee Program requires a connection in the specified region. If the Candidate is residing in the region, then PNP is a good choice. If the candidate is a newcomer then the right pathway is to join the pool of Express Entry.

Can The Candidate Amend The Express Entry Profile?

Yes, the candidate can make changes to the profile if they have not received any Invitation To Apply (ITA). The candidate can improve the score by improving the assessment scores, educational credentials and adding supporting documents. The same is not possible if the application is ineligible or the Invitation is received. 



 The Canadian Government is planning 4,01,000 immigrants to make Canada their home in 2021. The IRCC will declare the issuance of Invitation To Apply and the CRS score.  As the rolling out of the ITAs are on the increasing trend year after year we can expect CRS to drop further. 

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