Predicted Score Of CRS In 2021

Predicted Score Of CRS In 2021
Predicted Score Of CRS

What Is The Predicted Score Of CRS In 2021?

A ranking procedure was introduced by the Canadian government in the year 2015 to provide scores to the candidates applying for the Express Entry pool. A points-based system is adhered to, to rank the eligible candidates for further scrutiny of their applications. A comprehensive Ranking System(CRS) is a measure that values the calibre of the candidates and evaluates their profile based on varied factors. The outcome based on the points achieved is the CRS score. As this score is considered to rank the profile of the candidate CRS score is a crucial step and given a whole lot of importance.

Maximum CRS Score

You may find various components listed by the Canadian government to gain points and gauge your rank accordingly. The points assigned to each attribute varies based on its importance. The cumulative total secured by the candidate is the Comprehensive Ranking Score(CRS). Upon this CRS score, the rank is assigned to the applicants. This ranking helps the candidate to receive the Invitation To Apply(ITA) for Canadian Permanent Residence. The CRS is upon a maximum score of 1200 points.  Any score the candidate tallies will be out of 1200 points.

Minimum points required for Express Entry System

The Candidate should have a minimum of 67 points to get selected for the Express Entry draw for the immigration process. Momentarily, If the candidate has not achieved a total of  67 points out of 100, they may attempt to revamp the score by:
  • Pursuing higher education in Canada.
  • Improving the Language ability
  • Getting a job offer in Canada.
Moreover, the points earned by the candidate helps the IRCC to assess the candidate profile and understand whether he can contribute to the Canadian economy.

Attributes to receive Invitation To Apply

In other words, to rank better some criteria need to be fulfilled:
  • Your occupation has to be a list of the National Occupational Classification(NOC),
  • The above-mentioned minimum points give you the chance to enter the Express Entry pool and not an assurance to get a Permanent Residency.
  • Besides, you must identify appropriate immigration programs under the Federal programs which are under:
  1. Federal Skilled Workers Program
2. Federal Skilled Trades Program
  1. Canadian Experience Class
  • A nomination through Provincial Nominee Program (PNP)
  • Moreover having a high CRS score is pertinent for an Invitation to Apply and not just an online application to the Express Entry pool.

Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS Score)

The Express Entry candidates are allotted points for various factors


Maximum Points Available

A. Core / Human Capital Factors 460 (with spouse) 500 (without spouse)
B. Spouse or Common-Law Factors 40
C. Skill Transferability Factors 100
D. Additional Points 600
Maximum Total Points 1200
  1. Core / Human Capital Factors
Factors Points
With a spouse or common-law partner Without a spouse or common-law partner
Age 100 110
Level of education 140 150
Official languages proficiency 150 160
Canadian work experience 70 80
Maximum 460 500
  1. Spouse or Common-Law Factors
Factors Points
Level of education 10
Official language proficiency 20
Canadian Work Experience 10
Maximum 40
  1. Core/human capital and B. Spouse or common-law partner factors = Maximum 500 points 
  2. Skill Transferability Factors
Factor Points
With good/strong official languages proficiency and a post-secondary degree 50
With Canadian work experience and a post-secondary degree 50
Maximum 50
Foreign work experience
With good/strong official languages proficiency (Canadian Language Benchmark [CLB] level 7 or higher) and foreign work experience 50
With Canadian work experience and foreign work experience 50
Maximum 50
Certificate of qualification (for people in trade occupations)
With good/strong official languages proficiency and a certificate of qualification
Maximum 50
Maximum 100
  1. Core/human capital + B. Spouse or common-law partner + C. Transferability factors = Maximum 600 points
  2. Additional Points
Factor Points
Brother or sister living in Canada (citizen or permanent resident) 15
French language skills 30
Post-secondary education in Canada 30
Arranged employment 200
PN nomination 600
Maximum 600
  1. Core/human capital + B. Spouse or common-law partner factors + C. Transferability factors + D. Additional points = Grand total – Maximum 1,200 points 

Latest Draw and Cut-off Announcement

The recent draw announced by the Canadian Government happened on July 22nd 2021 with a CRS cut-off score of 357. Therefore, candidates with points above 357 will be sent an Invitation To Apply (ITA) for Permanent Residency (PR). The official report says that 4500 ITAs were issued through this draw.  

What are the chances of receiving an ITA?

With the latest CRS cut-off Score announced for Express Entry is less than in the past, there is a greater chance to issues huge ITAs. Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) decision to issue ITAs residing in Canada temporarily. The people residing presently in Canada are issued ITA with Provincial Nominee  Program and for Canadian Experience Class. This decision to provide PR to those living in Canada waiting for the draw is to curb travel during pandemics.

What is the Lowest & Highest CRS Cut off score in 2021

  • Lowest CRS points cut-off score is 75 (CEC) .
  • Highest CRS points cut-off score is 461 in all programs & 711 in PNP .

What is the Predicted Score for the Next Draw in 2021?

IRCC decision is to send out invitations to as huge as 400,000 candidates in the year 2021. The sources say that the CRS score can go down to increase the Invitation to Apply from the Express Entry pool. If there is a lesser CRS Score then a nomination from the Provincial Nominee Program(PNP) is expected to issue ITA. The recent draws with a cut-off score of 734 for PNP and 462 ITAs were issued. Whilst the next draw has a cut-off score of 357 for Canadian Experience Class candidates and 4500 ITAs were issued. With the target to invite 400,000 immigrants in 2021, there are chances for a lesser cut-off score for various immigration programs. As there are program-specific draws along with various other factors in the year 2021.  


With pandemic still doing its rounds wave after wave, the immigrants living and awaiting Citizenship are more likely to get the ITA. That said, the applicants residing in other countries will as well receive the ITA through other immigration programs. As there is a huge target for the Canadian Government to increase the immigrants the Comprehensive Ranking System Score will likely be less.  From the past scenarios, one can expect a gap of two weeks between each draw for different immigration programs.

All legal advice during the process are provided by the Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant. PAIC is an authorized agency of the RCIC. PAIC is not affiliated with the Canadian Government directly.

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