Effect of Covid Pandemic On Studying Abroad

Effect of Covid Pandemic On Studying Abroad

Effect of Covid Pandemic On Studying Abroad

There is no denial of the fact that Covid-19 has affected the lives of many in ways more than one. When it comes to education for higher studies and pursuing careers students tend to move out of their comfort zones. Post Covid-19, there are a couple of extra factors affecting the students and the decision making in terms of where to study has taken a paradigm shift. 

The new norm and the perspectives of students and educational institutions are changing the outlook of aspirants studying abroad. What’s in store from the countries and educational institutions for the aspirants in the current year is unclear. But what’s surprising is that the number of students interested in pursuing their studies abroad in Canada is increasing every year. The study says about 94% more students are willing to study abroad in 2021 compared to 2020.

Reasons for Studying Abroad

There is a great surge in the number of students pursuing their higher education in other countries. Due to the constant change in the mandates of various countries, there is a dubiety in the student’s mindset. Yet, the interest to study abroad and the number of students aspiring to study is soaring high. The reasons are:

  • Better style of Education

No matter who you are, the basic goal of any individual is to get the best education and be a part of a premier institution. If you are travelling abroad for your higher education there are a plethora of options to choose from. Not only do you get to learn newer aspects but opportunities to apply the same during the study. 

  • Adaptability to diverse cultures, languages and people

When you are in a foreign country you tend to learn the practices, procedures followed in the country. There is a developed interest, respect for others’ practices when you are living in a foreign country. This gives a unique experience and adds value to your life. As you get along with your neighbours you learn their language and adapt yourself to their system. There is every chance to imbibe everything the host country offers. 

  • Better living infrastructure and Healthcare facilities 

Students opting for pursuing their higher education in another country is also because of the developed facilities available for the common people. For instance, the province of Saskatchewan is proven to have extremely commendable healthcare facilities available for its nationals. 

  • Ease in Visa and Travel restrictions

Some countries have eased the issuance of Visa formalities and are liberal about the travel restrictions. The study says that the aspirants prefer a study destination based on the above-mentioned reasons.  Some countries adopted the ease in the procedures well before the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic.

  • Career Opportunities

University education from the host country and the accompanying experience of living in a foreign land helps you to establish your career stint in the same environment. It gives you a remarkable experience and a solid foundation for your career.


How does Covid-19 impact Studying Abroad?

A student studying abroad has the benefit of a streamlined education system given the pandemic and other restrictions. A sneak peek into the factors affecting the study overseas with Covid-19 uncertainty.

  • The foremost reason is the uncertain mandates and travel restrictions, lockdown for the health and safety of its citizens. But does it mean your applications will be affected? Not likely, there could be changes in the deadlines, and instead of face-to-face interviews, it can happen over virtual meetings.
  • More than 59% of the aspirants are deferring their study plans to work until the uncertainty ceases to exist. Will the University agree to defer? It depends upon the authorities of the institution considering the situation. Likewise, some institutions expect students to take up some courses or take up an internship or volunteer till such time situation resumes normalcy.  
  • Despite the uncertainty of higher education during Covid-19 the intention to study abroad keeps mounting up amongst the aspirants.
  • There is no right moment in this situation, as many universities are offering scholarships to candidates, waiver of admission fees and exemptions from some of the qualifying exams for the masters and undergraduate degrees. Canadian Institutions provide benefits to students based on their pre-board scores. Canadian institutions have rolled out refund options and deferment policies.
  • There is a surging preference amongst the aspirants to study on-campus although, there are fewer chances for the same. The students prefer universities that display the flexibility of online and on-campus study plans while applying for the course. The desire to study remains high amid the rising uncertainty.
  • To ease the situation, the institutions are taking up the health and safety of the students as a priority and conducting vaccination drives for the campus students.  Also, during these crucial times, institutions provide mental health support care and assistance to students.
  • Study permit/Visa: Canadian institutions have made the students commence their program online until the study permit can be approved. There are pending approvals from the past year who deferred the course. Once the study permit is through, the students can travel to study on-campus.
  • Institutions offer remote learning for the benefit of the students.


Preferred Study Destination For The Students

While there is a shift in students’ interest toward the preference of the countries to pursue their career abroad. About 13% prefer Canada as their study destination in the year 2021. About 59% of the participants in the survey are not willing to change the study destination despite the post-pandemic crisis. 

The data from Canadian High Commission says that between January 2021 to April 2021, 1 lakh students have applied to study in Canada. While 66,000 students applied from India between January 2020- April 2020, and just 6,000 students applied during the same period in 2019. It is pretty much clear that the numbers are ascending yearly and exhibits that the benefits of studying in Canada are proven.



The year 2021 is beholding a rebound and many students are travelling now. Travelling overseas to study at a University is an exciting prospect for many aspirants. Universities are offering their level best to their prospective and at-campus students. 

With the turn of events, increasing awareness and interest in getting vaccinated, and keeping the active cases at bay, the preferred choices of students to select their study destination tend to vary. The institutions having the willingness to support the students in these testing times are positive and awaiting normalcy.

Source: Survey by Leverage Edu


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