Canada Vs Australia | Comparing Employee Benefits & Work-Life Balance

Canada Vs Australia

Last Updated On : June 18 , 2024

It can be difficult to decide between Australia and Canada for employment! Both are excellent choices, but to help in your decision-making, here's a summary:

Canada: If you're looking for a more economical and efficient immigration process, Canada can be a good option.

  1. Snowy scenery to help you not get scared of colder winters.
  2. You'd rather have more options for employment and moderately cheaper taxes (particularly in IT).

Australia: If you like warmer climates and stunning beaches.

  1. You work in a slightly more lucrative and in-demand field (mining or engineering).
  2. You would rather work a little shortened workweek and prioritise work-life harmony. '

In Demand Job Opportunities : Canada Vs Australia




Software Engineer

  • Indeed - 12.000+ Job postings.
  • High demand for skilled tech professionals (Canada Express Entry)
  • Indeed - 6000+ Job Postings.
  • High demand for engineers (Australian visa subclass 190)

Registered Nurse

  • Indeed - 8000+ Job postings.
  • High demand for skilled tradespeople (Canada Express Entry)
  • Indeed - 4000+ Job Postings.
  • High demand for healthcare professionals (Australian visa subclass 190)


  • Indeed - 5000+ Job Postings.
  • High demand for skilled tradespeople (Canada Express Entry)
  • Indeed - 2000+ Job Postings.
  • High demand for skilled tradespeople (Australian visa subclass 190)

Construction Manager

  • Indeed - 3000+ Job postings.
  • High demand for construction professionals (Canada Express Entry)
  • Indeed - 1500+ Job postings.
  • High demand for construction professionals (Australian visa subclass 190)

Information Systems Analyst

  • Indeed - 2000+ Job postings.
  • High demand for IT professionals (Canada Express Entry)
  • Indeed - 1000+ Job postings.
  • High demand for IT professionals (Australian visa subclass 190)

Government Benefits for Employees : Canada Vs Australia


  1. Employment Insurance benefits and leave - It is an unemployment insurance program that allows Canadian Citizens who have lost their jobs and aren't able to work because of personal or family illness to receive temporary financial assistance while looking for new jobs.
  2. Housing Benefits: The government, non-profit organisations, and private entities offer this program to help individuals afford decent and safe housing, such as rent supplements, tax credits, and homeownership assistance programs.
  3. Canada Dental Benefits: As a first step towards bringing down the cost of dental treatment for all, the government announced legislation in September 2022. This benefit would provide qualifying parents or guardians with direct, upfront, tax-free payments to help with dental bills for children under the age of twelve.
  4. Doubling the GST Credit For 6 Months: Seniors will earn an extra $225 on average, single Canadians without children will receive an extra CAD 234, and couples with two children would receive an extra CAD 467. With this payment, $2.5 billion in additional targeted support will be made available, which is equal to tripling the GST Credit for a period of six months.
  5. Pension Plan: A governmental pension scheme for working people that is contributory is called the Canada Pension Plan (CPP). The amount you receive in retirement is determined by the contributions you made during your working career.


  1. Working Rights: You are free to work for any employer and as many hours as you like as a permanent resident of Australia. However, there is a small exemption: Australian citizens can apply for certain positions in the public sector and the armed forces, not permanent residents.
  2. Healthcare Entitlements: You can access Australia's public healthcare system, also known as Medicare, which gives you access to free public healthcare, especially in hospitals and via general practitioners, and there are subsidies for specialized medical services and some medications. If you're pregnant or your spouse is, then delivery is free at public hospitals.
  3. Social Security Benefits: Social Security benefits are known as Centrelink/Services Australia. If you are unemployed, a student, or have a disability or sickness, you are entitled to them.
  4. Programmes for Skilled Migration: Australia offers immigration schemes that provide preference to workers with specialised skills in particular fields. For eligible foreign workers, these programmes can provide simplified routes to permanent residency.
  5. Paid Parental Leave: To care for a newborn or adopted child, the government provides eligible mothers and fathers (or other birth parents) with paid parental leave.

Working Environment For Foreign Workers : Canada vs Australia

There is social interaction and cross-cultural interchange in both nations. Here are some of the factors:

On the Basis Of



Expats Ratio

20% of the inhabitants born outside the country create a welcoming environment with many social interaction and cultural exchange opportunities.

30% residents born overseas contribute to a vibrant cultural landscape.

Cultural Events

Numerous Festivals and events such as the Montreal Jazz Festival, The Vancouver Folk Music Festival, etc.

It celebrates diverse cultural heritage such as the Adelaide Fringe, the Melbourne Comedy Festival, etc.


9 National Holidays.
NOTE: Each Province and territory holiday differs.

10 National Holidays.
NOTE: Each state and territory holiday differs.

Career Advancement Opportunities

It provides numerous opportunities specifically in fields like healthcare and technology. Moreover, for newcomers looking to build their career.

It offers several opportunities particularly in fields like finance and engineering.


Varies by industry and location.

Differs by industry and location.

Salary Comparison : Canada Vs Australia


Average Earning in Canada (CAD)

Average Earning in Canada (CAD)

Software Engineer

$80,000 - $120,000

$90,000 - $140,000

Registered Nurse

$70,000 - $100,000

$80,000 - $110,000


$65,000 - $95,000

$70,000 - $100,000

Construction Manager

$74,074 - $139,947

$81,308- $141,739

Information System Analysts

$65,000 - $110,000

$78,000 - $120,000

NOTE: The minimum wage differs by industry and location type.