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Program Overview

What is Grenada Citizenship by Investment Program?

Grenada citizenship is a lucrative second citizenship option for investors. The program was launched in August’2013 under the Grenada citizenship by investment act. Grenada is the only Caribbean Island with an E2 Visa.

Grenada citizenship’s investment provides the 39th strongest passport in the world, providing you the opportunity to access the USA (investor visa), visa on arrival travel access to 155 countries that include EU, UK, Schengen, China, and Brazil as well.

Program Benefits

What are the benefits of the Grenadian Citizenship by Investment Program?

The program offers a plethora of benefits to the citizens. Following are the benefits of Grenada citizenship by investment program:

·        Life-long citizenship in a British Commonwealth country.

·        Citizenship and passports are issued in approximately 4-6 months.

·        Visa-free travel to many countries worldwide, including Britain, the European Union, UAE, and Hong Kong (visas to Canada and the USA may be easily obtained upon application).

·        Access to the USA E-2 visa program.

·        No interview requirement.

·        Dependents are children up to age 30; unmarried/childless siblings age 18+, and dependent parents/grandparents.

·        Off-shore bank accounts and Grenada-incorporated companies offer financial benefits and unique business planning opportunities.

Eligibility Criteria

How to qualify for Grenada Citizenship by Investment Program?

To qualify for the program, investors must meet the following criteria:

·        Be 18 years of age or older.

·        Invest in Government-approved real estate or other projects, or make a one-time contribution to the National Transformation Fund.

·        Pass due diligence and medical checks.

This program’s best thing is that it has no maximum age limit, no net worth requirements, no minimum education level, and no management experience requirement.

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