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Paul Abraham Immigration Consulting

PAIC is an experienced immigration consulting firm based in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. The company specialises in helping international applicants navigate the complex world of Canadian immigration programs. Led by Paul Abraham, a seasoned Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC), PAIC has a reputation for providing expert advice on various immigration matters, including Canada Study permit and Express Entry. With an extensive track record of success, PAIC is committed to helping its clients achieve their immigration goals and start a new life in Canada.

Check If you are eligible for Express Entry?

  • Does your profile include any STEM occupations?
  • Are your details providing you with a higher CRS score?
  • Do you have good English or French skills?
  • Do you need to renew your Express Entry profile?
  • Do you have sufficient proof of funds to live in Canada?
  • Does your adaptability score increase your rank in the express entry pool?

How PAIC has guided Express Entry Applicants

  • Our consultants have years of experience and know which points can optimise your express entry profile.
  • We will help you to get an ECA report from a WES organisation.
  • Our RCIC will let you check your work experience score. Having work experience outside and inside Canada will give you different scores, but it should meet IRCC standards.
  • Team PAIC will help you approve all necessary documents to be authorised by Canadian government departments.
  • Our RCIC will keep you updated to complete all steps for the express entry process within the given timeline.
  • Our team will review your application before submission, minimising the risk of errors or missing documents so it is accepted.

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