How to Get a Job In Canada as a Newcomer

get a job in canada

How to Get a Job In Canada as a Newcomer

Well, if you are keen on calling Canada your destination, you must get a job to lead a stable life. It is not a cakewalk to find a suitable job as soon as you land in a country. Finding a job in a new host country is not easy presently. It is coupled with the pandemic situation that makes job search all the more difficult. Fret not, with extensive research and adequate planning you will land up in a suitable job sooner.

How resilient are you during these testing times? Perseverance towards your goal is the solution. Although in May 2021 the employment rates were stumbling at 8.2% in Canada, the job market is rebounding in some provinces to suit consumer needs.


Basic requisites to a newcomer

A newcomer in a host country will have to be more cautious even on issues that may look trivial. There are few things which a newcomer has to be prudent of.


Monetary aspects:

Always first things first. When you are in a foreign country and the least aspect you want to miss is your finances. You must know the types of expenses you may incur and work on it even before you arrive in the host country. Learn how much would be your monthly budget from your contacts and there are sources available online to compute your budget.


Discretionary matters:

A newcomer has to perform extensive research on matters like your location of stay, insurance, driving license, local commutation and other such matters. There is a profusion of online sources to choose from to finalise on the aspects like housing, banking, insurance and others.


What Should You Do To Get a Job As A Newcomer?

Finding a job overseas is not an easy task considering many factors. With adequate planning and self-motivation, there is a way to go. 


  • Craft Your Resume

Primarily, your resume is the ticket to land a lucrative job. It’s not an all-encompassing resume that you just send it over a click of a send button, but the resume should be crafted for the specific job. For instance, if you are applying for a post in a company, make sure you send an exclusive resume that has your accomplishments and skills. 

Moreover, an elaborate listing of your duties and responsibilities in your resumes are not going to help. Along with this, in some cases, a cover letter creates a lasting impression in the minds of a recruiter. 

Be specific in your approach as it will help you beat the clock and stay ahead of the times. Your resumes must seamlessly pass through the Applicant Tracking System(ATS), which discards resumes that do not match the job description. To Considering many factors ensure your resume has keywords picked from the job description to move the resume to the next level.  There are many websites to enable your search better, it’s a matter of your skills and experience. If your resume/cv reflects your skills and is valuable to your employer, hats off. 


  • Judicious workaround

Make sure your resume reaches the right organisations and more specifically right hands. As a newcomer, you may feel like sending your cv or resume to every job you come across. Take professional help if need be for your resume to reach a prospective employer. 

What sets you apart from another job-seeker? After sending your resume for a job position, follow up regarding the status of your application. If you had already taken up an interview, reach out to the recruiter to get an update on the result of the interview. This way of judiciously working for yourself will take you higher up the ladder. 

  • Networking

Networking is not simply connecting with another LinkedIn professional. The relationship you create with your new connections should be handled and should be beneficial for both of you. It cannot be like simply sending over a common request to another member and forgetting all about it.

    i.) Make sure you customise your request to connect with them. Prepare a customised message for the member and introduce yourself briefly. Please understand that you are making a connection with a contact in Canada to learn more about the Canadian culture or traditions, or job market. Do not see them as job providers and irk them with other questions. 

  ii.) Ensure your new connections are comfortable in your approach and your intention should be to nurture the relationships rather than asking for favours. Your valuable connections may help you land your job as not all the jobs are posted on the job portals. Nearly 80% of the jobs are not posted online and smaller organisations rely on internal references

iii.) Through your LinkedIn profile, you can let the recruiters know you are actively looking for opportunities by changing the settings. 


  • Bridging programs

Bridge programs are designed to bridge your international experience with academic expertise. These programs are for a non-regulated workstream. This program focuses on professional and cultural expertise.  


  • Official resource and Job boards

The official portal for job seekers in Canada is the Government of Canada Job Bank and the other job listings are available on these portals like Workopolis, Monster, Indeed, Eco Canada, .


  • Endorsement or Letter of Recommendation

It is always better to get a Letter of Recommendation from kin or your contact in Canada. An Endorsement from a reliable source acts as a strong document to rank better.


  • Get Certificates Verified

As a newcomer to Canada, your educational documents, work experiences should be verified. This procedure is to ensure your qualifications are matching to the Canadian standards.  


Is it easy to get a job in Canada as an immigrant?

As an immigrant they are various formalities that need to be adhered to, hence the easiness is ruled out. The immigrants have to gain Canadian work experience

Can a non-citizen get a job in Canada?

Yes, a foreigner can get a job in Canada with a work permit from your employer.


How can I get a job in Canada before my arrival?

Before you arrive, there are chances of you finding a job prospect if you follow these. The extensive procedure of building a Canadian style resume, working on your LinkedIn profile, joining mentoring programs, get your accreditations done.


How can I expedite the job search and find a job?

Work on improving on the language proficiency, gaining Canadian work experience, networking and getting good references. The above mentioned can expedite your job search and find you a suitable job. 



Immigrants can land up a suitable job in Canada with dedication and sheer focus. While on your migration expedition to a new country, an aspirant would be close to the limit of endurance. This expedition is full of rich experiences that you tend to gain through research, focus, and self-motivation.  

Our RCIC, Mr. Paul Abraham, has been a player in this particular aspect. Thus, he is the best person to guide you through the entire process. The PAIC team takes care of your immigration application from scratch till the end. Please visit our website for better guidance.

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