Owner/Operator LMIA Quick Facts


Owner/Operator LMIA Quick Facts

The Owner/Operator LMIA program requires the following:

  • The owner/operator must retain a minimum of 51% ownership in the business
  • The business must maintain existing jobs for Canadians, or, create new jobs for Canadians and these jobs must be retained
  • The owner/operator must be prepared to commit a minimum of C$250,000 unless business will create more than 5 high salary jobs
  • The program has neither a Net Worth requirement nor a Source of Funds requirement
  • For an existing business, the Employment and Social Development Canada will conduct checks for paid salaries, retained earnings and also dividends.
  • For a new business  a declaration from a CPA is acceptable
  • Under circumstances where the business owner will retain 100% of the shares in the business,  it is advisable to fund the business bank account with as much as possible as there is little to no risk in doing so.
  • The business must be funded prior to filing the LMIA
  • 200 immediate points assigned for the EE Pool, and if the business is large enough PR could generally be granted within 12 months

All legal advice during the process are provided by the Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant. PAIC is an authorized agency of the RCIC. PAIC is not affiliated with the Canadian Government directly.

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