Canada Immigration System is working on its backlog


Canada Immigration System is working with the federal government of Canada to make it reliable for new immigrants which will be in the Canadian immigration inventory. As to the given data, between Sep 20 to November 3 the inventory for new immigrant applications decreased and IRCC is still working on it to make it simple for new immigrants so they can get their Canadian PR within the time of 6 months or less.

The inventory across all lines of business has progressed as follows since July 2021:

November 3, 2022 2,411,388 persons
September 30, 2022 2,600,000 persons
August 31, 2022 2,583,827 persons
July 15-17, 2022 2,679,031 persons
June 1-6, 2022 2,387,884 persons
April 30-May 2, 2022 2,130,385 persons
April 11-12, 2022 2,031,589 persons
March 15 and 17, 2022 1,844,424 persons
February 1, 2022 1,815,628 persons
December 15, 2021 1,813,144 persons
October 27, 2021 1,792,404 persons
July 6, 202 1,447,474 persons

Updation of Advanced Analytics & AI based processing in the Canada Immigration System

On 12th October IRCC published news that they are using Advanced Analytics and AI-based processing that will increase the processing speed of Canadian immigration. The use of advanced analytics and automation in the Canada Immigration System is part of IRCC’s commitment to leveraging technology responsibly to build a more robust immigration system, for the benefit of applications who have applied for Canadian PR or who are in the Canadian immigration inventory.

Number of people in the Canadian Immigration Inventory

Inventory Type No. Of People Updated On
Citizenship Inventory 331,401 31st October
Permanent Residence 506,421 3rd November
Temporary Residence 1,537,566 3rd November

Immigrants waiting in Canada Express Entry Inventory

The Data provided by IRCC there are 39,589 immigrants who have applied for Canadian immigration but are waiting for their results. Between September 21, 2021, and July 6, 2022, IRCC paused FSWP & CEC immigration programs for Express Entry and the administration department has restrained their immigration process back to six months.

Immigrants waiting in Canada PNP Inventory

The Data provided by IRCC, there are 62,073 immigrants who have applied for Canadian immigration but are waiting for their results. Immigration authority has made some limitations on PNP draws between September 21, 2021, and July 6, 2022, and now they are right back with a quick immigration process.


Canada Immigration System has made the needful changes there is a positive drop of 1.1 Million Canadian applications which are now in service standards. To clear the backlog on schedule, IRCC began the transition towards 100% digital applications for most permanent resident programs on September 23. Also, IRCC has hired 1,250 new staff to boost immigration processing time.

Frequently Ask Questions

Absolutely yes, Canada is the world's most prosperous country, and possesses one of the world's strongest passports. Canada Takes online surveys from new immigrants to improve the process, settlement and to ensure a happy life for newcomers to Canada.

Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) governs a system for people who are looking for Canada Immigration. There are two programs under Canada’s immigration system:
● Canada Express Entry
● Canada Provincial Nominee Program

There are 2 programs for it: 1st is Express Entry & 2nd Provincial Nominee Program.
For Express Entry there are the following steps :
Step 1 - Find out if you’re eligible.
Step 2 - Check your score (through CRS)
Step 3 - Get your documents ready
Step 4 - Fill out your profile
Step 5- Get an ITA

Canada's Immigration backlog is the biggest problem immigrants were facing. There are a number of people who have applied for Canadian Immigration and their profiles were in inventory for a long time but as the Canadian government is working on its backlog and updating the Canadian Immigration system with Advanced Analytics as well as hiring more employees to speed up the Canadian immigration process.

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