Federal Skilled Worker Program – FSWP

Federal Skilled Worker Program - FSWP

FSWP: Immigrate To Canada Under The Federal Skilled Worker Program

Federal Skilled Worker Program


The Express Entry System has three immigration programs, including the Federal Skilled Workers Program , which was established in 1967. The selection criteria have subsequently been changed, and it now works on a point system rather than a subjective approach as it did previously.


This program is advantageous for applicants with job experience in a country other than Canada and no relatives or known links in Canada. The FSW program is primarily for skilled workers who have previously worked in a skilled profession in another nation and are now seeking a permanent resident visa in Canada. You cannot live in Quebec if you apply for the FSWP since Quebec picks its skilled employees through a separate scheme.



Requirements for the Federal Skilled Worker Program

This program is not for everyone because several eligibility requirements must be satisfied, which include:


● In terms of work experience, the candidate must have at least 12 months of full-time work experience in a single profession at a NOC Skill Level of 0, A, or B. Part-time workers are also eligible to apply, but their experience must be comparable to what we have listed above.


● Schooling is also an essential consideration in this program; applicants must have a Canadian high school diploma or an equivalent certificate if they have completed their education overseas.


● Another crucial qualification is language proficiency, which can be demonstrated with a recognized certificate such as IELTS. The minimum score to be eligible to apply must be equivalent to the Canadian Language Benchmark of Level 7 (CLB 7), which can be obtained in IELTS by scoring at least 6.0 in each of its four sections.


● The applicant must also have sufficient funds to support themselves during the first few months, which they must demonstrate through bank statements.



● As previously stated, the selection is based on a point system, with a minimum of 67 points required to be eligible to apply for FSWP. These points are awarded based on various factors such as age, education, language exam scores, etc.



The six selection factors of FSWP

Because the selection is based on the number of points you get, the six elements responsible for your choice are the ones for which you receive points. So, the six selection factors for your application are as follows:


1. Language skills

2. Education

3. Age

4. Arranged employment in Canada

5. Experience

6. Adaptability


Proof of Funds


You are not exempt from presenting proof of funds if you apply for a permanent resident visa through the FSW program. It would help to determine how much financing is needed based on how many people you intend to bring to Canada. A person coming alone must show 13,310 Canadian dollars, while someone getting a company must show 3,586 Canadian dollars.



How to calculate FSW points?

Suppose you are unsure about your eligibility for this program. In that case, you can use the online tools available to determine how many points you can expect after answering a few questions about your profile.


There is a defined maximum number of points for each criterion, such as 12 points for age, 15 points for experience, etc.



Application procedure for Federal Skilled worker visa

Once you have at least 67 points, gather all of your documentation and submit your application by filling in the online form. If you are invited to apply by IRCC, react with a confirmation and follow the instructions in the invitation letter. The invitation letter will also include information about the program for which you have been invited to apply.


Please be sure that you do not give any misleading information in your application since this will result in rejection.



Federal Skilled Worker Program Eligible Occupations

To apply through any Express Entry program, your occupation must fall into one of the skill levels mentioned below:


● Skill level 0

● Skill level A

● Skill level B


All management positions fall under skill level 0, including restaurant managers, marketing managers, and IT managers.

Professional vocations such as architects, surgeons, and dentists fall under skill level A.

Technical positions such as cooks, bookkeepers, and electricians are included in skill level B.



Can I go to Canada without a job offer?

The answer to the initial question is an absolute yes. The Express Entry System is most popular among applicants who want to immigrate to Canada but do not have a job offer. All three Express Entry programs allow applicants to apply even if they do not have an employment offer.


However, these three programs are not the only ones that offer this facility to candidates; there are other additional Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs) you can check into, such as the Ontario Provincial Nominee Program (OINP), the Nova Scotia Provincial Nominee Program (NSPNP), and so on.



What is the difference between FSW points and CRS points?


The Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) determines whether or not you will receive an Invitation to Apply, and the maximum possible points in the CRS are 1200, whilst the FSW points determine whether or not you are eligible to apply under the Express Entry System. Maximum points in the FSW point system are 100 points, out of which 67 are required to be eligible to apply.


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