How To Immigrate To Canada From India

How to Immigrate to Canada From India

How To Immigrate To Canada From India

How to Apply For Canadian Immigration From India 


India has historically been a leading source of Canadian immigration. From 39,340 in 2016 to 85,585 in 2019, the number of Indians who’ve become permanent residents in Canada grew. Nearly 100,000 new Canadian permanent citizens will have emigrated from India by 2021.


Whilst the Indian skilled worker may have to wait decades for permanent residency in the United States, Canada’s immigration system permits talented employees to apply for permanent residence directly if they qualify for a program. A person who is granted permanent residency has the right to live and work anywhere in Canada and availability to Canadian universal healthcare and social services. And if you are worried about thinking if it is easy to migrate to Canada from India, let’s find it

Apply for Canada PR Visa from India

Follow these basic procedures to obtain PR in Canada from India under the Express entry program: Complete ECA – Candidates must get an Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) certificate to demonstrate equivalence to Canadian education. Take your Language Test – Demonstrate your language skills in any or both of Canada’s official languages, English or French. This application is required to complete government-approved language examinations. Make an Express Profile – Apply through any three federal economic immigration programs and set up an express entry profile in the express entry program. 


The candidate can also seek provincial nomination through express entry. If you successfully obtain the certificate, you will receive 600 CRS points. Obtain an ITA – Higher-ranked profiles are then given an ITA to apply for. Complete medical and background checks – In this case, the candidate must get a Medical Certificate and also a Police Clearance Certificate (PCC). Application in Process – The IRCC will examine the Canada PR Visa application. If there are any further prerequisites, the applicant must be prepared to supply the requested information at this stage. Receive CoPR – Following a good application review, the individual will be awarded a CoPR (Confirmation of Permanent Resident).

List Of Documents Required For Canadian PR From India

Read on to learn about the documents needed for Canada PR immigration.


● Proof of Funds for Passport Education Credential Assessment (ECA)

● Results of the Language Test

● A letter of offer from a Canadian employer

● Provincial Nomination Certificate or territorial nomination certificate

● Marriage certificates or divorce decrees (if applicable)

● Your unique reference number

● Profile Number for Express Entry

● Validation code for job seekers

● Report on Medical Conditions

● Photographs from Birth Certificates

● Report of Police Verification

● Previous employers’ letters of endorsement


Any candidate who files the paperwork with incorrect information or fails to submit a vital document there at the time of evidence risks having the application rejected by the IRCC (Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada), and the candidate might very well experience the underpinning consequences of the action, which includes a five-year ban from filing for permanent resident (PR) status. Furthermore, any misrepresentation owing to a lack of understanding of the paperwork procedure can result in an improper submission and is deemed fraud, with the applicant bearing the brunt of the repercussions.


As a result, it is advisable to contact the ideal immigration consultant, like we are, to handle the process, as we are skilled in the art, have a thorough understanding of the procedure, and can ensure a hassle-free documentation process.

What Are The Options For Immigrating To Canada From India?

Here are four of the most straightforward options for Indian nationals to gain permanent residency in Canada:


Express Entry – Federal Skilled Worker

Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs)

Quebec Skilled Worker (QSW)

● Work Permits / Intra-Company Transfers

How much does it cost to immigrate to Canada from India?


A single candidate would generally require around CAD 15,420 to move to Canada, which includes evidence of money, government fees, and other charges.


Learn about the usual prices in Canadian dollars:


● Language test: CAD$ 290-320 (English) and $380-$440 (Spanish) (French)

● IELTS exam: $310

● CELPIP: $280 plus applicable provincial taxes

● Canada TEF: $440

● TCF Canada: CAD$ 380 

● ECA (Education Credential Assessment) – CAD$ 200-CAD$ 345 (excludes Doctors of Medicine and Pharmacists)

● Biometric – CAD$ 85 

● Medical Examinations – CAD$ 250-CAD$ 300

● Application processing charge – CAD$ 825 

● Fee for permanent residency – CAD$ 500

● Other costs (translations, notaries, etc) – about $200 CA

● Proof of funds: CAD$12,960 (not applicable to all immigration programs).


A Canadian educational credential and work experience guarantee that an Express Entry applicant will gain important additional points towards their comprehensive ranking framework (CRS) score. You are making them more competitive among other applicants for gaining permanent resident status!

Our RCIC, Mr. Paul Abraham, has been a player in this particular aspect. Thus, he is the best person to guide you through the entire process. The PAIC team takes care of your immigration application from scratch till the end. Please visit our website for better guidance.

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