How To Immigrate To Canada from Ukraine

How To Immigrate To Canada From Ukraine

Immigrate To Canada From Ukraine

How to Immigrate To Canada from Ukraine?


Ukrainians who desire to visit Canada on a short-term basis will be eligible to get a Canada-Ukraine Emergency Travel Authorization (CUAET). This new unique method aims to make the immigration process more accessible by removing several standard visa criteria.


Regardless of ethnicity, Ukrainians and their immediate relatives will be allowed to stay in Canada for up to 3 years after passing a background and security check, including biometrics. The number of Ukrainians who really can apply for this programme is unrestricted. A visitor’s visa application must be submitted online.


Biometric information can be provided at any Visa Application Centre (VAC) outside of Ukraine, including in Moldova, Romania, Austria, and Poland.



How to Immigrate To Canada from Ukraine?


The Canadian government recommends that candidates apply for a three-year open work permit while applying for a visa. This unique programme will eliminate most of the standard requirements for a visiting visa or work permit.


Primary and secondary school kids can enroll and begin school immediately after arriving in Canada, and anybody seeking to study at the post-secondary level can apply for a study permit upon arrival.


Applicants who do not have a valid passport may apply, and if necessary, IRCC will provide a single voyage travel document. Ukrainian employees, students, vacationers, and family members are already in the country.



Canada-Ukraine Authorization for Emergency Travel


With CUAET, Ukrainians and their families arriving in Canada from other countries can apply for a free visitor visa and may be allowed to stay in Canada for 3 years, as opposed to the standard 6-month authorized stay for regular visitors who will have their electronic visa application processed within 14 days of receipt of a complete application, for standard, non-complex cases are exempt from Canada’s COVID-19 With a few exceptions, all visitors to Canada, including those using the CUAET, must utilize Arrive CAN.



What Does The Canada-Ukraine Authorization For Emergency Travel Cost?


There is no application cost for Ukrainians and their family members to be considered for the CUAET. Only the Government of Canada has the authority to collect personal information or to determine your eligibility for the CUAET. Applicants are not required to pay GC fees, biometric costs, or package transmission expenses under the CUAET.

Applicants must still pay for all additional value-added services at the Visa Application Centre.



How Long Can Ukrainian Citizens Stay In Canada On The CUAET Work Permit Or Study Permit?


Ukrainians and their immediate relatives of any nationality can stay in Canada for up to three years with the CUAET. Applicants from other countries must apply for a Canadian visiting visa online and supply biometric information (fingerprints and a photo). Applicants are urged to apply for a three-year open work permit at the same time they apply for a visa. They will be able to work in Canada with this permission. This unique scheme has eliminated many standard restrictions connected with a regular guest visa or working visa.



How Do I Apply For The Canada-Ukraine Authorization For Emergency Travel?


According to the IRCC website, “when you apply for the CUAET, you may be able to apply for an open work visa simultaneously.” “With this work visa, you may work for most businesses in Canada.”


The new path is also accessible to Ukrainian nationals’ family members, including their spouses or common-law partners, dependent children and dependent children of their spouse or common-law partner, and dependent grandchildren.


These relatives of Ukrainian nationals are eligible to apply for the CUAET if they are from a visa-required country; they can demonstrate that they are a family member of a Ukrainian resident; have a valid passport.



How to Sponsor a Ukrainian Refugee?


The Canadian government has put steps to assist Ukrainians fleeing the country’s problems. Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) has established a dedicated service channel for Ukraine inquiries at 613-321-4243, which will be available both in Canada and internationally, with collect calls permitted. Furthermore, you may now include the phrase Ukraine2022 in your email to the IRCC Web form, and your communication will be a priority.



How Can I Come To Canada From Ukraine As A Permanent Resident?


To enter Canada, Ukrainian nationals must apply for a visiting visa through CUAET and get an open work permit. Obtaining a work permit is essential in the application process since it allows the candidate to work in Canada before applying for PR.


After starting employment, candidates should start thinking about acquiring medical insurance. Provinces have different eligibility criteria. The provincial governments should offer medical care for Ukrainian citizens who come to Canada under CUAET.


Under the Parents and Grandparents Program, Canadian citizens and permanent residents can sponsor their elderly relatives (PGP). The PGP 2022 application procedure has yet to be decided. IRCC intends to welcome 25,000 immigrants under the PGP this year.



How to Sponsor Your Spouse, Common-Law Partner, Conjugal Partner, Or Other Relatives From Ukraine?


Canada understands that certain family members of Canadian citizens and permanent residents may choose to begin a new life there. IRCC is establishing a specific family reunification sponsorship pathway for Ukrainian-Canadians’ direct and extended family members seeking permanent residency. However, the specifics of this course have yet to be revealed and will be available in the following weeks.


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