Total cost for Canada PR

Total Cost For Canada PR from India

Total Cost for Canada PR from India

Canada PR Visa Fees in INR

Every applicant must pay the same standard application processing price, which is 850 CAD, or around 50000 Indian Rupees. Additionally, applicants must budget for the Right to Permanent Resident charge, which is 515 CAD, or roughly 30000 INR. These fees are for a single application; if you are traveling with your spouse or partner, you will need to pay double the amount. If you have a dependent child who will be traveling with you, you must pay an additional 230 CAD per child, which is equal to 14000 Indian Rupees.


Please bear in mind that these are merely the application fees; additional costs will be incurred, all of which are detailed in the article below.


What are the Initial Costs for a Canada PR Visa?

Before reaching the application stage, candidates have to pay a language test charge, a medical certificate price, and an academic assessment fee, to name a few. We’ll go over all of this, as well as the basic fees, to give our readers an estimate of how much a Canada PR visa will actually cost them.


Costs To Get a Health Certificate

All applicants must submit certified health certificates at the beginning of the PR process in order for the IRCC to verify that they are all in good enough health to go to Canada. It can cost up to 6,000 Indian rupees to take a medical test and obtain a health certificate, and you have to do it while you are still in India. Your research will really affect the price, so be sure to shop around for the best deal.

The language proficiency test costs

The expense of the language proficiency tests must be discussed because they are a prerequisite for Canadian permanent residence and almost everyone has to demonstrate their language skills. Although certain regions, like Quebec, accept French, the majority and most widely used language is English, for which we must take the IELTS test.


Regarding prices, one IELTS test attempt runs roughly 14,700 INR. Therefore, the standard cost is 14,700 INR, but if you wish to take a test preparation course or need to take the exam more than once, the price may go up.


Fees for a Police Clearance Certificate

You are required to provide IRCC with a Police Clearance Certificate (PCC) in order to prove that you have a clear criminal history, which is essential. The application fee for the PCC is 500 INR, and you must submit it to your local passport office. The PCC will be issued in less than one to two weeks if all the required documentation is presented.

Proof of Financial Stability

In addition to covering all of these costs, candidates must also provide proof of funds, which is another financial obstacle. This is a requirement to make sure that the candidates are stable financially, will be able to support themselves in Canada, and won’t burden the Canadian economy once they arrive. The amount of cash needed to be shown has recently been revised in June 2022, and one must provide stamped bank statements as evidence. It actually depends on how many people are migrating with you; if you are moving alone, 13,310 CAD must be displayed, while 16,510 CAD must be shown if a couple is traveling. For each additional family member after the first, we must provide around 3586 Canadian dollars.

Processing Time For Canada PR

It is near to impossible to predict when you will acquire the Invitation to Apply (ITA). Therefore, even though the process takes about 5-8 months once the ITA is obtained, it is challenging to estimate how long the IRCC will take to issue the ITA. If the CIC makes specific requirements of the applicant, such as the submission of extra required papers, the procedure might take longer.

In addition, a number of additional factors, including the workload of the officers, the authenticity of your documents, and—most importantly—the procedure you used to apply for the PR, determine the duration of the process.





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