Latest MPNP Draw Issued 250 Invitations for Permanent Residency

Latest MPNP Draw for Permanent Residency

Last Updated On : June 29 , 2024

Latest MPNP Draw Issued 250 Invitations for Permanent Residency

This June 25, 2024, draw focused on talented specialists abroad, checking another critical step in Manitoba's commitment to pulling in best ability from around the globe.

Manitoba Draw Summary June 25, 2024

Here is the information about the latest Draw in Manitoba.

- The Manitoba draw, held beneath the Talented Specialist Abroad category, welcomed candidates with an MPNP Expression of Intrigued (EOI) score of 516.

- Among the 250 candidates welcomed, 93 had a substantial Express Passage profile and a work searcher approval code, improving their chances of effectively getting lasting residency in Canada.

- This is one of the least cutoff scores seen as of late, making it an awesome opportunity for numerous gifted laborers.

Targeted Occupations in This MPNP Draw

The recent draw specifically targeted candidates currently employed in critical healthcare roles, highlighting Manitoba's urgent need for skilled workers in essential services, particularly in the wake of global health challenges. The targeted occupations include:


NOC Code

Registered Nurses and Registered Psychiatric



Licensed Practical Nurses


Nurses Aides, Orderlies, and Patient Service Associates


Nurses Practitioners


This focus on healthcare professionals underscores the importance of the Manitoba Immigration program and the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (Manitoba PNP) in addressing the province's healthcare needs.

The Process of Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program Draws

Manitoba holds standard draws to select candidates for a common nomination..

- These draws are a crucial step toward obtaining permanent residency in Canada.

- Typically held biweekly, the draws assess candidates based on their EOI scores, occupation, and other factors.

- The handle is a fundamental portion of the Manitoba Common Chosen one Program (Manitoba PNP).

Understanding the MPNP Draw Mechanism

The Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP) utilizes an Expression of Interest (EOI) system. Here's how it functions:

Future MPNP Draw Schedule

The another Manitoba Common Candidate Program (MPNP) draw is expected to be declared on or some time recently 10 July 2024. Candidates should ensure their profiles are updated and meet the eligibility criteria to maximize their chances of receiving an invitation.

Advantages of Choosing Manitoba

Robust Economy: Manitoba is increasingly becoming a top choice for skilled immigrants due to its strong economic growth.

Quality of Life: The province offers a high standard of living, attracting newcomers seeking a better quality of life.

Welcoming Communities: Manitoba's welcoming communities make it an attractive destination for immigrants.

Professional Growth: The Manitoba PNP and the Express Entry profile system offer numerous opportunities for professional advancement.

Attractive Destination: With its appealing blend of opportunities and quality of life, Manitoba is a preferred destination for skilled immigrants.

Key Benefits of Immigrating to Manitoba

Here are some significant advantages of moving to Manitoba:

Economic Opportunities

Manitoba's economy offers a wide range of job opportunities across different sectors.

Affordable Living

Compared to other Canadian provinces, Manitoba provides a lower cost of living, facilitating easier settlement for families.

Quality Education and Healthcare

The province features outstanding educational institutions and healthcare facilities, enhancing residents quality of life.


Manitoba's latest MPNP draw, held on June 25, 2024, underscores its commitment to attracting skilled professionals, particularly in critical healthcare roles. With a focus on economic growth, affordable living, and top-notch education and healthcare, Manitoba continues to stand out as an ideal destination for immigrants seeking prosperous opportunities and a high quality of life in Canada.