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Nova Scotia Provincial Nominee Program – Work Permit for Business

What is Nova Scotia Provincial Nominee Program?

The Nova Scotia Provincial nominee program for entrepreneurs is a work permit program. It is meant for experienced business owners who want to become permanent residents of Nova Scotia, Canada. However, to do so, the Candidate must commence a new business or purchase an existing one and actively engage in that business’s day-to-day management. After completing a year in that business, the Candidate can be nominated for the Permanent Resident status.

What are the benefits of NSNP?

The significant benefits of the Nova Scotia Provincial Nominee Program include:

  • Low professional fees for PAIC of $5,000 at the start and $5,000 at the end of the process.
  • Small initial payment of $5,000 (plus $5,000 to be paid upon Invitation to Apply, approx. $3,800 to be paid for the Net worth Verification Report, $45,000 to be paid after successful Interview, and minimum $150,000 to be invested in a business after obtaining the Work Permit)
  • Speedy provincial processing when the applicant family moves to Nova Scotia.
  • There is free education for the children in any public school in Nova Scotia (Kindergarten to grade 12). However, Post-graduate students will pay foreign student rates until Permanent residence is received.
  • Free medical services for the family members.
  • The Candidate’s spouse can also obtain an open work permit.
  • The Candidate can expect fast federal processing, i.e. 9-12 months in most posts.

Eligibility Criteria

How to become eligible for the NSNP?

  • To qualify for the Nova Scotia Provincial Nominee Program, the applicant must:
  • Willing to settle in Nova Scotia and manage, invest in, or own a Nova Scotia business.
  • Make a minimum investment of $1, 50,000 in a Nova Scotia business by Section 87 of the IRPA regulations.
  • Have a minimum $6, 00,000 in Net Worth (principal applicant’s and spouse’s assets combined).
  • Be able to document the legal source of funds of $6, 00,000.
  • The minimum age should be 21 (no maximum age).
  • Have completed at least 12 years of school (completed secondary school), as verified by an Educational Credential Assessment.
  • Have minimum 3 years (in the past 10 years) of business ownership experience (min. 33.3% ownership) or min. 5 years (in the past 10 years) of transferable senior management experience.
  • Have basic proficiency in English or French (CLB 5 or greater).
  • Syrians must obtain a DFAIT permit before applying.

Application Process

How to apply for NSNP?

The Nova Scotia Government uses an Expression of Interest model of file submission. Under this model, the agent will submit preliminary documents to Confederation electronically (e.g. via email or Dropbox), which enables the consultant to create the applicant’s Expression of Interest profile:

Documents Required:

  • Passport for each family member.
  • English and/or French language assessment for the principal applicant (and spouse, if applicable)
  • Confederation’s Self Assessment form completed and signed by the principal applicant.
  • Completed Business Plan Builder.
  • Resume and reference letters for both principal applicant and spouse
  • Schedule 4A and supporting net worth documents
  • Completed NSNP 400 form (attached)
  • The narrative document, explaining how the principal applicant and spouse legally accumulated/earned their combined net worth
  • Proof of education (e.g., diplomas)
  • Proof of applicant’s or spouse’s full-time employment in NS for min. 1 year (on a valid Work Permit), if applicable
  • Proof of applicant’s or spouse’s attendance at a post-secondary institution in NS, if applicable
  • Proof of close adult relatives (parent, grandparent, sibling, aunt/uncle, niece/nephew) living in NS as a PR or Canadian citizen for a minimum 1 year, if applicable
  • Details of the NS business to be purchased through succession, if applicable
  • Confederation’s Professional Services Agreement, completed and signed by the applicant.

Step-by-step process – Nova Scotia Provincial Nominee Program

  • Step-1 Based on the submitted documents, the consultant evaluates the client’s qualifications and suggests ways in which he/she may increase his/her score if applicable.
  • Step-2 Once the Nova Scotia Government selects an applicant, he/she has to submit the full paper file to Confederation as soon as possible (including all forms and backup documents) for further review/processing of the file and submitting it to the NS Government.
  • Step-3 Post that, the Nova Scotia Government will review the file and invite the applicant for an Interview. Confederation will arrange the applicant’s itinerary, assist the applicant during the exploratory visit, and prepare him/her for the Interview.
  • Step-4 Following a successful interview, the applicant will sign a Business Performance Agreement with the Nova Scotia Government. The Nova Scotia Government will then issue an Entrepreneur Approval Letter to the applicant, enabling him/her to obtain a Work Permit and move to Nova Scotia. The applicant must start a business within Nova Scotia and run it for 1 year (while the family lives in NS) before being nominated.
  • Step-5 Following the nomination, the applicant’s federal file is submitted. The applicant and family will continue to live and run the Nova Scotia business until permanent residence visa issuance.

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