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Security Policy

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The PAIC.com site provides links to different sites. If you click on these links, you will be directed to another website. These websites have their own privacy protection notices, and we advise you to read the notice provided by each of these websites, because there can be differences from our privacy protection.

Data Access and Contact Information

You can ask for a copy of the data we have collected from you or send us data to correct your personal information. For this purpose, you can contact our privacy officer at the following email address: alternatively, you can write to our postal address:

Changes to the Present Policy

We may need to introduce periodic changes to our Privacy Policy statement. We may also need to introduce periodic changes to the way we use your Data in connection with any changes we make in our privacy practices. In the event of such changes, you will be informed of the specific changes to our Privacy Policy through a prominent notice published on our website.

Message from our RCIC


Paul Abraham
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Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC)
License No. R406367,
Halifax, Nova Scotia. Canada.

Our RCIC, Paul Abraham, has years of experience and expertise in guiding individuals from around the globe, about Canada Permanent Residency. He has been delivering honest world-class Canadian Immigration Services for many years. PAIC offers a promising range of Immigration support and services under the expert supervision and leadership of our RCIC, Paul Abraham, and we will provide world class expert immigration analysts. PAIC  is ready and able to cater to the individual needs of our clients and with dedicated ethical, honest, and professional practice.

Paul Abraham Immigration Consulting
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Halifax, Nova Scotia,
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+1-800-795-1352 ,
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