Study Visa

What is Canada Student Visa?

The Canada Student Visa is the authentic document that allows you to enter or re-enter Canada as a student for as long as it is valid. Obtaining a student visa is an essential and crucial part of the international students’ application process for those who are looking forward to studying in Canada.


What is Study Permit Canada?

The study permit Canada is a document that is issued by the federal govt. of Canada, to the international students who are willing to study at any Designated Learning Institutes (DLI) in Canada. The study permit is different from the study Visa. It doesn’t permit you to enter Canada. Generally, the study permit is for as long as your course or program’s duration, plus 90 days that are given to you for making all the arrangements to move from Canada or apply for the study permit extension in Canada.


Canada Student Visa Processing Time

The processing time for the Canadian student visa depends on the type of application and whether it is submitted inside or outside Canada. However, it generally takes 1-16 weeks for the completion Canada Study Visa to be processed.

Eligibility Criteria

What are the eligibility requirements for the Canada Study Visa?

To apply for the study visa, the candidate must:

·        Be enrolled at any of the Designated Learning Institutes (DLI) in Canada.

·        Showcase the proof of the funds to pay for:

·        The tuition fees

·        The living expenses of yourself as well as the other family member who come along with you.

·        Return expenses for yourself and the family member who came along with you.

·        Follow the norms, and do not possess any criminal records in the past.

·        Are in good health to clear the medical exam. (If required)

·        Be able to prove to the immigration officer that you will leave Canada when your permit is expired.

Application Process

How to apply for the Canada Student Visa Process?

Here is the step-wise process to apply for the Canada Study Visa:

·        Letter of Acceptance:  The first step in applying for the student visa is that the candidate should have an acceptance letter from a Designated Learning Institute (DLI) in Canada as proof that the institute has given you admission for the specific duration for the program or course.

·        Documents Required for Canada Study Visa: The next step is to submit all the documents required for Canada Student Visa, which includes:

·        An authentic passport

·        Two recent photographs

·        Letter of Acceptance

·        Passport and photographs of the family member (in case some family member wants to go along with the candidate)

·        Birth certificate (in case of the minor applicant)

·        Proof of funds to validate your study and stay in Canada

·        The letter of Intention: When a person applies for a Study Permit to study in Canada, he/she must provide a letter of intention mentioning his reason for choosing Canada for Study. Why he decided that college and course he/she is talking admission in, most importantly, he needs to clarify his tenure of stay in Canada and go back to his country on completion of the course.

·        Security Clearance: Whether the applicant applies for a study permit or permanent residency, it’s essential to impose that you don’t hold any criminal record. Thus, the applicant needs to provide a letter from his/her respective countries police department to show his/her criminal clearance.

·        Temporary Resident Visa: For a short-term study course, such as for 6 months or less, one doesn’t need to apply for the Study Permit. Instead, he/she can apply either for the Visitor Visa or Temporary Resident Visa (TRV). But the applicant must show proves that he/she has applied for a course in any of the DLIs. The eligibility criteria are much similar to that of permanent residency. Meanwhile, one can also apply for the Work Permit in Canada and open the doors for permanent residence in Canada.

How can we help?

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