seven common mistakes to avoid
7 Mistakes to Avoid Before Applying For Canadian PR

Unleash your Canadian dream with PAIC's expert PR application guidance. Avoid common pitfalls and achieve seamless PR success.

Updated On : 29-11-2023
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candaa immigration plan 2024 to 2025
Canada's Immigration Plan 2024-2026: Key Factors

Discover Canada's latest immigration plan for 2024-2026, including increased opportunities for French-speaking communities and more invitations through the Express Entry and Provincial Nominee Programs.

Updated On : 09-11-2023
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get schooling visa in Canada with paretns
How Do You Get A Schooling Visa In Canada With Parents?

Discover comprehensive information on the Canadian schooling visa application process, eligibility requirements, and education fees to facilitate your pursuit of studying in Canada, even if your parents hold TR status.

Updated On : 02-11-2023
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Blog Image for how much do you need to pay for Canadian PR
How Much Do You Need To Pay To Get Canadian PR

Discover the expenses of various economic immigration programs for Canadian PR and choose a budget-friendly option to attain permanent residency in Canada.

Updated On : 25-10-2023
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how to verify immigration consultant
How To Check Your Immigration Consultant Is Authorized

Ensure the legitimacy of your immigration consultant by following our expert tips on checking their authorization status.

Updated On : 22-10-2023
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renewal of pr card canada
Renewal of PR Card Canada

Maintaining PR status in Canada means renewing your PR card. Get info on renewal fees, how to update details on your card, and processing times for PR card renewal.

Updated On : 20-10-2023
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Cost of Living Comparison : Canada vs UK

Looking to move to a new country? Confirm financial support, government schemes, accommodation, climate, and festivals before deciding.

Updated On : 20-10-2023
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Can I live in any Canadian province rather than Quebec as a Francophone?

Move to any Canadian province as a Francophone with ease. Explore immigration programs and services offered by IRCC. IRCC offers additional services for French-speaking skilled workers.

Updated On : 09-10-2023
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work in Canada as a social worker
Work in Canada as a Social Worker

Looking for Social Worker Jobs in Canada? Canadian Government welcomes skilled workers in education, law, and social services. Find vacancies in hospitals, schools, agencies, and more. Check Jobbank Canada for opportunities.

Updated On : 26-09-2023
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blog image on how to build a successful career in Canada
How To Build A Successful Career In Canada?

Discover the essential steps to building a successful career in Canada. Identify industries aligned with your interests, upgrade qualifications if needed, and achieve language proficiency.

Updated On : 25-09-2023
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this blog is about job vacancies in Canada for new immigrants
Job Vacancies in Canada for New Immigrants

Canada is increasing its population every year with a new record, Where IRCC has chosen Jobs in Canada as one of the primary sources for new Canadian citizens.

Updated On : 19-09-2023
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Immigrate to Canada from UK

Experts at PAIC have compiled this guide to assist international students and foreign skilled workers in making a decision before moving to Canada from the UK.

Updated On : 18-09-2023
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