Canadian Permanent Residency
Revealing the Secret Advantages: Lesser-Known Benefits of Canadian Permanent Residency

This guide explores these benefits, highlighting why the Canada PR Visa transcends mere legal status, serving as a pathway to a rewarding life.

Updated On : 13-03-2024
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how to verify immigration consultant
How To Check Your Immigration Consultant Is Authorized

Ensure the legitimacy of your immigration consultant by following our expert step by step guide for checking their authorization status.

Updated On : 12-03-2024
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PTE Vs IELTS: For Canadian Permanent Residency

IELTS holds wider acceptance among countries and universities compared to PTE Academic. This broader recognition makes IELTS the preferred option for test takers globally.

Updated On : 11-03-2024
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Canadian Startup Visa
2024's Top Canadian Startup Visa: Streamlined Immigration Entry

The Canada Start up Visa Program is tailored to attract global entrepreneurs with innovative business concepts to contribute to the Canadian economy.

Updated On : 11-03-2024
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work in Canada as a social worker
Work in Canada as a Social Worker

Looking for Social Worker Jobs in Canada? Canadian Government welcomes skilled workers in education, law, and social services. Find vacancies in hospitals, schools, agencies, and more.

Updated On : 09-03-2024
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Relocate to Canada from India in 2024
Relocate to Canada from India in 2024 | Registered with IRCC & CICC

Embark on your journey to Canada from India with Paul Abraham Immigration Consulting (PAIC), a reputable immigration firm based in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Updated On : 09-03-2024
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Canada Student Visa
Facing Canada Student Visa Denial? Here are 5 Effective Steps to Consider

A Canada student visa application, including the Canada student spouse visa rejected by the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) due to various factors.

Updated On : 07-03-2024
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Immigration Consultants
The Value of Immigration Consultants: Understanding Their Importance

The application process for Canadian immigration spans seven steps, a relatively brief yet intricate journey demanding meticulous attention.

Updated On : 06-03-2024
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ielts for express entry
Minimum IELTS Score Requirement for Express Entry

Discover the minimum scores required for Express Entry, Provincial Nominee Programs, and Study Visa. Use the CLB Level Mapping to navigate the IELTS score requirements for a successful immigration journey easily.

Updated On : 05-03-2024
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Canadian Student Visas
Updated Guidelines for Canadian Student Visas: Application Process for Indian Students

Providing financial proof is an essential requirement to demonstrate your financial stability as part of your Canada study visa application.

Updated On : 04-03-2024
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Step-by-Step Guide to WES Credential Evaluation

Create an account on WES website and get a unique application number. Submit your attested documents in English or French, and double-check them before completing the application online.

Updated On : 01-03-2024
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english and french for canada pr
Mastering Language Proficiency: You’re Key to Canadian PR Success

To be a Canadian PR, you need to pass a language test. The popular English tests are IELTS, CELPIP, and PTE. For French, TEF and TCF are used.

Updated On : 01-03-2024
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Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC)
License No. R406367,
Halifax, Nova Scotia. Canada.

Our RCIC, Paul Abraham, has years of experience and expertise in guiding individuals from around the globe, about Canada Permanent Residency. He has been delivering honest world-class Canadian Immigration Services for many years. PAIC offers a promising range of Immigration support and services under the expert supervision and leadership of our RCIC, Paul Abraham, and we will provide world class expert immigration analysts. PAIC  is ready and able to cater to the individual needs of our clients and with dedicated ethical, honest, and professional practice.

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