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Posted On : April 8, 2022 11:12 am

Last Updated On : April 08 , 2022

Canada has better work opportunities, a better education system, and easy healthcare services for permanent Canadian residents. Living in Canada is safe. It is a good idea to think about moving to Canada from Mexico. Get more information about the Canadian Immigration process that helps you fulfil your dreams.

We are providing an essential bit by bit manual to assist you with making your immigration easier. Assuming you are willing to move to Canada from Mexico to start your new life, we explain bit by bit how to immigrate to Canada legally.


5 Steps to legally immigrate to Canada from Mexico

The ever-increasing Mexican-Canadian community shows that better opportunities and more lenient immigration policies.


Step 1: Explore Where You Want to Live in Canada 

Have you concluded where you want to live in Canada? As the second-greatest country on the planet with 10 provinces and 3 territories, you have a lot of choices to browse. Each province in Canada has different work markets, living expenses, societies, weather, and landscapes that range from prairie districts, maritime locales, forested areas, and even subarctic locales (brr).

Step 2: Canada PR Visa Requirements for Mexican Citizens

Before you can qualify for an immigration program, you should meet the basic Canadian visa requirements to apply for permanent residency in Canada from Mexico. These requirements include being 18 years or more seasoned, having excellent health, and having a clean criminal record.

Step 3: Find the Right Canadian Visa Program for You

There is more than one way to immigrate to Canada from Mexico in 2022. There are many immigration and visa programs at present available in Canada!

A few programs are points-based, while some operate on an early bird gets the worm or are manager driven. And a few programs remain open on an ongoing basis, while some have severe deadlines.

Step 4: Obtain Required Documents for Canada Immigration

You should gather certain documents depending on the immigration program you qualify for. The papers should submit with your immigration application, and some of them cost an additional expense, for example, undertaking a medical examination and writing a language test.

Step 5: Get Answers to Your Canadian Immigration Questions 
  1. How Might I Work in Canada from Mexico?

To work in Canada from Mexico, you need a Canada work license.

  1. The Working Holiday Visa

The Working Holiday Visa is one of the most mind-blowing Canadian work visas from Mexico for young adults between 18-and 35. It allows you to travel in Canada to investigate the natural beauty and widely popular urban areas while working part-time in positions like food and hospitality, retail and sales, farming, and many more!

  1. How Long Can Mexicans Stay in Canada?

It relies upon the sort of Canadian visa you obtain. If you come to Canada as a visitor, you can stay for 60 days with an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA).

  1. The amount does Canadian Immigration Cost?

 There are a couple of expenses to consider while planning immigrating to Canada from Mexico.

 –> Get a permanent occupant card 

–>find immigrant administrations in your area 

–> apply for citizenship by visiting your nearer immigration office.


Do I need a visa to visit Canada?

Most travellers need a visa or an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) to travel to or transit through a Canadian airport.

What you need relies upon: 

  • The kind of travel document you will travel with;
  • The country that gave your travel document;
  • Your nationality
  • How you will travel to Canada.

If you do not have legitimate documents, for example, an eTA or visa, you may be delayed or kept from boarding your trip to Canada.


How might I apply for Canada Visa from Mexico?

 The Canada Visa for Mexican residents involves an online application form that can be finished in a few minutes. Applicants must enter information on their passport page, personal details, their contact details, similar to email and address, and business details. Applicants should be healthy and shouldn’t have a criminal history.

Canada Visa for Mexican residents can be applied online on the website and get the Canada Visa Online by Email. The cycle is incredibly rearranged for the Mexican residents. The main necessity is to have an Email Id and a Credit/Debit card in 1 of the 133 monetary standards or Paypal.

After you have paid the fees, the eTA application processing commences. Canada eTA is delivered via email. Canada Visa for Mexican citizens will be sent via email after completing the online application form with the necessary information and once the online credit card payment has been verified.


Requirements of Canada Visa for Mexican residents

To enter Canada, Mexican residents will require a valid travel document or passport in request to apply for Canada eTA. Mexican residents who have a passport of an additional nationality need to make sure they apply with the same passport that they will travel with, as the Canada eTA will be associated with the passport referenced at the hour of application.

There is a compelling reason to print or present any documents at the airport, as the eTA is stored electronically against the passport in the Canada Immigration framework.

Applicants will also require a valid credit, check card, or PayPal account to pay for the Canada eTA. Mexican residents are also expected to give a valid email address to get the Canada eTA in their inbox.

It will be your obligation to double-check all the data entered carefully. Hence, there are no issues with the Canada Electronic Travel Authority (ETA) or any other way you may have to apply for another Canada eTA. Hire professional consultants to get more information on the Canada investor Visa Program.


Can a Mexican get a work license in Canada?

The NAFTA professionals programs open the door for professional workers to apply for a Canadian work grant without the need for a Labor Market Impact Assessment (LMIA).

In request to be qualified under this arrangement, the worker should have work insight in one of the NAFTA Professionals List of Occupations and have a proposal of work to practice the calling with a business in Canada.



Canada has launched one of the world’s most ambitious skilled migration programs of the modern era with generous permanent residency programs to match its meeting goals.

It targets over a million skilled migrants across diverse worker shortage gaps in their labor force. For more information, you can visit the Canada immigration website.

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