How can US citizens live long term in Canada?

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Last Updated On : September 06 , 2023

Canada is a home for newcomers and is witnessing a huge number of US citizens immigrating to Canada for better prospects. The number of aspirants travelling North is plummeting for scenic beauty, peaceful life, work-life balance, healthcare.

Is It Worth Moving To Canada From The USA?

There are multiple reasons US citizens get Canadian citizenship. The individuals have to think of various avenues to make Canada migration from the USA a smooth process.

Universal Healthcare

The citizens and permanent residents of Canada get health care facilities at affordable cost and very much accessible. Each province has an amount fixed to be allocated for issuing health cards or accessing healthcare. In the US, the employer may take care of the healthcare but if the individual is not employed, the citizen may find it difficult to bear the hospital expenses.

Premium Education

Canadian citizens are privileged with top-notch education as the teachers are well-qualified and paid appropriately. The lucrative point is education is available on par for all the students. Provinces may govern the education and are more focussed. The best colleges churn out well-read students and many other talented students are waiting for admission to Canadian colleges.

Crime rates are low

Canada is a haven for Canadian citizens and its permanent residents. Crime rates are less compared to its neighbouring country US. The reported rate in Canada is 1.8 per 100,000 population while the US reported 5.5 per 100,000, which is higher. Although weapons are in use for hunting and are subject to strict legal policies and restrictions.


Canada migration from the USA happens for employment benefits. In Canada, the partners are eligible for maternity and paternity leaves. During such leaves, both the partners are eligible for leaves along with partial salary payment.
When the employees are laid off, the assurance to pay for the severance packages is minimal. In Canada, the employees get a notice period and they also pay severance packages.

A meaning to life

From the experiences of the people who have said to move out of the USA to Canada have experienced better water quality, clean air and the burden on the tax is lower.
Canada has great accommodation, even at an affordable cost for the newcomer. The great white North country has great scenery, Northern lights and welcomes talented immigrants.

Can I Live in Canada If I Am A US Citizen?

The intriguing question many US citizens have is, Can a US citizen live in Canada?

Yes, the citizens of the USA can live in Canada as a tourist for a stipulated period. If the intention of staying is to get resident status, then various procedures need to be adhered to. As with other immigrants, to get Canadian citizenship, the primary requirement is to have Canadian permanent residency.
The method to get permanent residency remains the same for the citizens of the USA. There are:

Express Entry

Express Entry allows people all over the globe as immigrants based on age, education and many other details. The points accumulated for various factors are known as Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) and if the candidate gets the maximum score, then the candidate gets an Invitation To Apply (ITA).

Provincial Nominee Programs (PNP)

There are various provinces that take part in the provincial nominee program. A US citizen can apply for Canada PR through Provincial Nominee Program (PNP). If the province nominates the candidate, then he gets an Invitation To Apply (ITA).

A permanent job offer from a Canadian employer

The US citizen working in Canada must have got a permanent job offer before moving to Canada. To contribute to the growth of the economy, the candidate must have a valid job offer, his employer must have Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) and should be hale and healthy.

Family sponsorship

If you are planning to make your living in Canada, your stay and move will be sponsored by your spouse, common-law partner, or conjugal partner.
A person above 18 years of age can sponsor for migration to Canada from the US can and who has clean records, does not move out of Canada after sponsoring for the entry.

Startup visa

A US citizen willing to pursue a business in Canada is a welcome move. The Canadian government will give the entrepreneur a start-up visa to strategise a business plan. For the entrepreneur to be eligible for a start-up visa should exhibit a qualifying business, sufficient funds until the business makes profits and a support letter from an organisation for the startup.


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Yes, a US citizen can buy a property in Canada. A US citizen is not a permanent resident, hence buying a property will not attribute to the chances of immigration benefits. There is a huge amount that needs to be contributed to the paid-for down payment. The non-resident is likely to pay a colossal sum as tax if the property is in an important province or a city.

The answer most likely to hear is hard to immigrate, however, it is not a strong no.
Although the primary applicant may put in efforts and take his family and the dependants.
First, there are no specific pathways developed for taking senior citizens to get the Canadian PR. Second, the funds required for survival have to be flowing consecutively, which is not usually the case. Third, the Canadian government’s idea behind bringing in young talented immigrants get defeated.

US residents immigrate to Canada for a

  • A better and peaceful lifestyle, and work-life balance
  • Good and affordable healthcare facilities for its residents and citizens.