What is Family Class Sponsorship?

Family Class Sponsorship

Last Updated On : April 05 , 2024

As one of the most desirable routes for Canadian immigration, family sponsorship Canada immigration programs streamline the process for citizens and permanent residents to bring their spouse and immediate family to Canada, thereby reducing processing times.

Essentials For Moving To Canada With Family

If you want to bring your family to Canada, you need to understand these points.

  • Eligibility to sponsor spouse, common-law, or conjugal partner for Canadian Permanent Residence (PR).
  • Opportunity for sponsored individuals to receive a spousal open work permit while the sponsorship application is processed.
  • Recognition of common-law partnerships for spousal sponsorship if cohabiting for at least one year.

Parents Sponsorship Canada:

  • Canada allows family reintegration for parents and grandparents of citizens and Permanent Residents.
  • Stay informed about financial requirements for family class sponsorship, including meeting the minimum necessary Income based on family size.
  • Parents or grandparents of sponsors who are not able to provide permanent support can be eligible for the Super Visa.

Family Class Sponsorship - Child or Other Dependent

  • Available for own child or adopted children under 22 years old.
  • Consideration of children over 22 as dependents if physically or mentally incapable of self-support.

Canada Sponsorship Background Check

If your'e going to check your Canada Sponsorship background, you must read these points clear fully to meet the following criteria:

  • Applicants for Canadian permanent residence aged 18 and above are required to provide a Police Clearance Certificate to verify they are not criminally inadmissible.
  • Police clearances must be obtained from all countries where the applicant has resided for 6 months or more since turning 18.

Canada Sponsorship Biometrics

Most immigration applicants to Canada are required to provide biometrics.

  • Use Canada's online tool to determine if you need to give your biometrics.
  • Upon submitting your application and paying the biometric fee, you will receive a letter from IRCC with instructions on providing your biometrics.

Canada Sponsorship Medical Exam

Applicants for Canadian permanent residence must undergo a medical exam to confirm they are not medically inadmissible.

  • The medical exam does not need to be submitted with the application.
  • IRCC will provide instructions on completing the medical exam after submitting the sponsorship application.
  • The medical exam must be conducted by a doctor listed on IRCC's panel physicians list.

Criteria For Family Class Sponsorship

Your relatives can decide to stay in Canada for study, and work in Canada upon achieving permanent residency status. Sponsorship of specific relatives to immigrate to Canada is available to individuals aged 18 or above who meet the following criteria:

  • Canadian citizenship,
  • Registration as an Indian under the Canadian Indian Act, or
  • Permanent residency in Canada.

Upon submission of your PR immigration application to IRCC, you will receive an Acknowledgment of Receipt (AOR), confirming the creation of your application file. The AOR date marks the beginning of the intended 6-month processing time for spousal application.

How to Apply for Family Sponsorship?

Sponsoring your family through a sponsorship program can be complex and overwhelming. An RCIC can help you navigate the process, ensure all documentation is complete, and follow up with the IRCC updates.

Checking Eligibility:

-Age:: You must be at least 18 years old.

-Status Be a Canadian citizen, permanent resident, or registered under the Canadian Indian Act.

-Residency: If living outside Canada as a citizen, show intention to reside in Canada upon permanent residence of the sponsored person.

-Social Assistant: Not receiving social assistance (except disability).

-Financial Support: Demonstrate the ability to financially support sponsored individuals.

Completing the Application Package: Download the application package from the Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) website.

Gathering Required Documents

Sponsorship Application and Agreement (IMM 1344) Along with

-General Application Form for Canada (IMM 0008GEN)

-Additional Dependent/Declaration Form (IMM 0008DEP)

Additionally You may also need to submit

-identity and marital status documents

- travel and passport records,

-proof of your relationship with the sponsored person

-financial evidence to support the sponsorship.

Submitting the Application: Send the completed application package and required documents to the appropriate processing center.

Paying the Fees:

Below is the government processing fees for sponsoring a relative in Canada through Family Sponsorship Canada and Immigration Canada family class sponsorship.



Sponsorship Fee


Principal Applicant Processing Fee


Right of Permanent Residence Fee






If the sponsor currently lives in Quebec or planning to settle there, upon receiving permanent residency, this is an extra fee of $310 CAD must be paid in addition to the previously mentioned fees.

Processing Time For living inside Canada

living inside Canada

Processing Time For living outside Canada

living outside Canada

Waiting for Processing: Processing times may vary depending on factors such as sponsorship type and the number of applications being processed.

Attending Interviews and Providing Additional Information: You or your family member(s) may need to attend interviews or provide more information during application processing.

Receiving a Decision: Once processed, you'll receive a decision on the approval of the sponsorship application.

Completing the Landing Process: If approved, your family member(s) can complete the landing process to become permanent residents of Canada.

It's important to note that process requirements may vary based on the specific family sponsorship category you're applying under.

What Is the Minimum Income Requirement for Canada Family Sponsorship?

Minimum income requirements are applicable to certain sponsorship applications, such as those for parents, grandparents, eligible orphaned relatives, or individuals eligible under the "lonely Canadian" policy.

Minimum Income Requirements:

  • Sponsors must meet the Minimum Necessary Income (MNI) for their family unit size.
  • Canada Revenue Agency-issued Notices of Assessment (NOA) for at least three consecutive years are required as proof of meeting the MNI.

Financial Undertaking:

  • No minimum income requirement for sponsoring a spouse, but a financial undertaking is mandatory.
  • The undertaking pledges financial support for basic needs and commits to repaying social assistance benefits for 20 years.
  • A supplementary undertaking is necessary if the sponsor resides in Quebec.

Family Sponsorship: Adopting a Child from another Country

Before adopting a child from another country, you must initiate the process through the authorized government agency responsible for adoptions. Once the adoption is approved, you can proceed with the family sponsorship and immigration procedures. For additional details on international adoptions, please refer to relevant sources.

For further queries kindly contact the PAIC Team.

Parent and Grandparent Sponsorship

To qualify for the Parents and Grandparents Program, you must meet the following criteria:

-Hold Canadian citizenship or permanent residency and reside in Canada.

-Be at least 18 years old.

-Be the child or grandchild of the youre sponsoring.

-Meet the Minimum Necessary Income (MNI) for your family size and provide the notices of assessment (as a proof) to the Canada Revenue Agency

-Sign a sponsorship agreement to support your family members for 20 years.

-Sign an additional agreement if you want to live in Quebec.

-Your spouse or common-law partner can co-sign the undertaking to help you meet the income requirement.

How Long does Sponsorship take?

Sponsorship applications for Parents sponsorship in Canada usually take around 12 months to process from start to finish. While they are typically processed within this timeframe, delays can occur depending on the complexity of your case or if the visa officer requires further evidence of your relationship.

To avoid delays, it's crucial to ensure your sponsorship application is completed accurately the first time.

Sponsoring a Family Member from Quebec

Quebec holds more autonomy in selecting individuals who will settle in the province, granted by the federal government. Consequently, Canadian permanent residents or citizens residing in Quebec must initially seek approval from the Quebec Ministre de l’Immigration, de la Francisation et de l’Intgration (MIFI) to sponsor their eligible family member.

MIFI oversees the approval process for sponsorship undertakings from sponsors living in Quebec.

Exceptional Circumstances - "Lonely Canadian"

Canadian citizens or permanent residents can sponsor one extended relative, such as an adult child, sibling, aunt, uncle, niece, or nephew, to immigrate under a special program. However, to be eligible as a sponsor, you must be considered a "Lonely Canadian." This means that you cannot have a spouse, common-law partner, parent, grandparent, or child already living in Canada.


When sponsoring your spouse with dependent children or adopting a child, you'll need to make a payment of £150 for each child included in the application. Additionally, if you're including the spouse or partner of your relative, an extra £1,050 is required.

No, employment is not obligatory, sponsors must provide evidence of sufficient income over the past three years to support their sponsored family members.

You can sponsor an unlimited number of eligible family members for Canadian permanent residents or citizens. However, each eligible family member sponsored requires an individual application to be submitted.

Spousal, common-law, or dependent child sponsorship applicants can track their application status via Canada’s Permanent Residence Application Tracker portal.
  • For those sponsoring another family member, checking application status depends on whether the application was submitted online or through mail.
  • Utilize IRCC’s online tool to learn the appropriate method for checking the status of your sponsorship application.