Educational Certificate Evaluation For Canada Immigration

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Last Updated On : May 07 , 2024

Do you have a foreign education degree or diploma and want to apply for Canadian immigration but are unsure if your education will match Canadian education credentials? An Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) report can help evaluate this for you.

WES is the most preferred organization by international skilled workers to evaluate their foreign education and obtain an ECA report.

What is ECA?

An Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) is often used to ensure whether your foreign degree, diploma, or certification (or other proof of your credential) is genuine and comparable to a Canadian one. ECAs are classified into several categories.

For immigration purposes, you must obtain an ECA. If you received another sort of ECA, depending on the type of ECA and issuing body, you may be able to have it re-issued.

In your Express Entry profile, you must provide your ECA report and the reference number.

Your ECA report may be helpful when hunting for work. However, it does not guarantee a job in Canada.

How to check if you need an ECA report or not?

It depends on the immigration program you selected to move to Canada permanently.

  • As a trade worker, you do not need an ECA report.
  • However, as a skilled professional, you must submit an ECA report in your express entry profile.
  • If you are a Canadian Experience worker, you may require an ECA report if you have foreign education.

An ECA report can indirectly improve your CRS score and increase your chances of getting better job opportunities and higher salaries in Canada for some immigration programs.

You do not require a minimum education level to qualify for Express Entry for the Federal Skilled Trades (FST) program or the Canadian Experience Class (CEC). However, you can still earn CRS points for any secondary education you received outside of Canada (if you apply for the ECA for your diploma).

Which documents are needed to get assessed for an ECA?

The documents you’ll need to supply when seeking to move to Canada are determined by the program you’re applying to. An Educational Credential Assessment, is a standard document necessary for most federal economic immigration programs, including Express Entry.

  • Scanned copy of Government-issued identification (ID)
  • Government-issued identification translation
  • The document awarded to you at graduation by an academic institution.
  • Academic record documents showing course details.

Documents size should not increase: 10240 KB

Accepted Formats: doc, docx, jpg, pdf, png

Academic documents required can vary by country. You can check the details here.

Do I need more than 2 ECA reports?

It depends on your previous studies.

If you have completed your studies from 2 different countries then you may need to show 2 different ECA reports.

When To Get Your Secondary Education Assessed?

If your post-secondary credential is not equivalent to a Canadian credential, you may be able to have your secondary credential evaluated. 

In most circumstances, an assessment is only required for your most significant level of schooling. If you hold a Master’s degree, you require an assessment for that degree. You are not required to have one for your Bachelor’s degree.

Which Educational Evaluation Services should I apply for ECA report?

Based On processing time, assessment cost, client reviews, you can select any of the following designated organisations. Processing periods and fees may differ depending on the organisation or professional body.

There are 5 Designated Organisations authorised by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC):

  • World Education Services (WES)
  • Comparative Education Service (CES)
  • International Credential Assessment Service of Canada (ICAS)
  • International Qualifications Assessment Service (IQAS)
  • International Credential Evaluation Service (ICES)


A Canadian educational credential and work experience guarantee that an Express Entry applicant will gain important additional points towards their comprehensive ranking framework (CRS) score. You are making them more competitive among other applicants for gaining permanent resident status!

If you are uncertain which organisation to apply to for an ECA report, you can consult an RCIC for assistance.