Step-by-Step Guide to WES Credential Evaluation


Last Updated On : March 01 , 2024

  1. Account Creation on WES Website
  2. Application Number Assignment
  3. Document Submission at WES Office
  4. Document Attestation and Language Requirements
  5. Accuracy Check Before Submission
  6. Online Application Submission


What is WES?

World Education Services, known as WES, is a nonprofit organisation that offers credential evaluation services to immigrants and students who desire to study abroad. WES was established in 1974 and is based in New York but also operates in Canada.

What Is The Purpose Of WES Evaluation?

As we all know, each country has its criteria for evaluating an individual’s academic performance, and the majority are very different from one another, making it difficult for schools to assess the academic potential of other foreign individuals. By converting academic credentials into standard credentials and assisting universities in smoothly assessing foreign applications, WES steps in to help solve this problem.

Different Kinds Of WES Evaluation Reports

Two evaluation reports are available from WES, each suitable for a diverse audience. 

These are the two types:

  • Document-by-Document
  • Course-by-Course

The document-by-document evaluation type is advised for those wishing to immigrate for work or permanent residence and who require an evaluation and validation of each of their documents for visa purposes.

On the other hand, the Course-by-Course evaluation method is recommended for people who require a thorough course analysis and evaluation of each of their grades done reliably. Students who want to pursue further education overseas and need the evaluation report for entrance purposes choose this method.

STEP By STEP Process For WES Certificate:

  1. Account Creation on WES Website
    Go to the WES website and create an account if you do not have one already.

  2. Application Number Assignment
    An application number will be assigned to you as part of the processing process. Please note this reference number carefully since it must be included in all your documents and the envelope when you apply for a visa.

  3. Document Submission at WES Office
    Submit your documents to a WES office after reading all the prerequisites in a sealed envelope.

  4. Document Attestation and Language Requirements
    Please remember that an authorized person or organization must attest to all your documents and be in either English or French. If they are in any other language, have them translated and then submit them.

  5. Accuracy Check Before Submission
    Make sure that all the information you submit is correct and that there are no spelling errors.

  6. Online Application Submission
    When you’re finished, submit your application via the website.

Documents Required For WES Evaluation

IRCC typically needs you to provide your highest completed degree for ECA, and you should avoid submitting any documents to WES that are not required for evaluation. Determine which documents are needed for ECA in your program and submit only those documents for evaluation. Remember to include your reference number in each document for faster service.

WES Canada Fees

The WES will charge you about $200 plus courier fees to assess your documents. They also have numerous service options so that the prices can vary depending on your preferences.

WES Price Table

WES Evaluation Processing Time

The standard processing time for WES assessment evaluation is from one to five weeks after receipt, review, and approval of all documents, and payment in full. 


The answer to this question depends on the program under which you apply for PR. If you are using the Express Entry Program, ECA is required as the education section has a high weightage in the point system. People don’t need to apply under the Federal Skilled Workers Programs (FSWP) and Canadian Experience Class (CEC) Programs.
You must request your exam conducting board to deliver your documents sealed and attested directly to WES. You can formally request this by downloading and using the Academic Documents Request Form from the WES website. If you are the one providing the documents after obtaining them from the organization, please send them in a sealed envelope.
Log in to your account on the WES official website to check the status of your documents. There’s no need to worry if it doesn’t indicate “received ” status because it can take a day or two for them to update the status of your documents.