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Last Updated On : June 05 , 2024

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The Canadian Job Market graph has changed, and now the Information, Culture, and Recreation and Construction sectors are in high demand in New Brunswick. We have also updated the steps to apply for the NBCWP program to make them simple to understand.

The provincial government has established a 5-year pilot project plan with the federal government's IRCC, known as the New Brunswick Critical Worker Pilot (NBCWP). 

This pilot program focuses on skilled immigrants in high demand in the Canadian job market and plays a crucial role in developing and boosting the Canadian economy.

Why Choose NBCWP?

The provincial government of New Brunswick has different immigration streams based on applicant eligibility. You can apply through the New Brunswick Strategic Initiative Stream if you are a French-speaking skilled worker. If you have a job offer from a New Brunswick employer, the New Brunswick Skilled Worker Stream would be the best way to immigrate to Canada.

The New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program (NBPNP) is a valuable initiative for the Canadian economy. Through this program, Canadian employers can select skilled foreign workers to fill positions challenging for the local Canadian population. If you have work experience in one of the in-demand occupations in New Brunswick, you will receive priority from the Canadian immigration department. 

Steps To Apply For New Brunswick Critical Worker Pilot Program

Please remember the following steps for applying for permanent residency in New Brunswick, Canada:

  1. Ensure you have collected all the necessary documents and know the PR Ready Process.
  2. Obtain an offer letter from an authorised employer.
  3. Create an Expression of Interest (EOI) through the INB portal.
  4. Pay a processing fee of Canadian $250 for the application.
  5. Providing additional information as requested by the Government of New Brunswick is a key step. Remember, timely submission of essential documents is crucial to avoid application refusal.
  6. Submit a Settlement Plan prepared by the employer.
  7. If everything is in order, you will receive a Certificate of Nomination from the Government of New Brunswick (GNB). Then, you can proceed to submit your application for a PR visa to IRCC.
  8. If all the steps are followed correctly, you can look forward to receiving a PR visa from Canada.

There are more steps included in NBCWP but these are applicable for particular cases. For details go through New Brunswick Critical Worker Guide 

New Brunswick Critical Worker Pilot Program Companies

The major role of the NBCWP program is for companies that meet employer requirements and hire skilled professionals. The provincial government of New Brunswick has defined its requirements for a company to become an NBCWP participant, which includes recruiting international employees based on industry demand.

Currently, 6 companies are participating in this program, responsible for fulfilling worker requirements in the Canadian job market.

  1. Cooke Aquaculture
  2. J.D. Irving Ltd.
  3. Groupe Savoie
  4. Groupe Westco
  5. Imperial Manufacturing Group
  6. McCain Foods, Ltd.

New Brunswick Critical Worker Pilot Program Job List

As this program is very specific, candidates cannot directly apply. Skilled workers can only come to Canada through authorised employers based on job market needs.

Now you should be concerned about whether your profession is in-demand in New Brunswick. The following image provides details on the industry requirements in NB, Canada.

labour market NBJobs Industries

The graph indicates that the Information, Culture, and Recreation sectors have the highest employment rates. Construction follows as the second most in-demand field in New Brunswick.

Guidelines for Employers: Pilot Project NBPNP

The six selected employees will have to follow some guidelines as described under this pilot program as following:

  • Reduced Settlement Hassles: Employers are not responsible for finding housing or transportation for newcomers. Settlement programs handle these aspects.
  • Retained Talent: Streamlined settlement processes can help newcomers stay in Canada long-term, benefiting your workforce.
  • Skilled Workforce: Access a pool of highly skilled immigrants seeking Canadian immigration.
  • Enhanced Skills: Provide essential training to further develop your new hires' capabilities.
  • Language Support: Government programs offer language training (up to 200 hours) for newcomers.
  • Education Assistance: Offer guidance and support to immigrants seeking Canadian secondary school equivalency.