Canada Immigration Story : Moshe Hammer (Musician)

Last Updated On : May 22 , 2023

Name: Mr. Moshe Hammer
Origin Country: Israel
Occupation: Musician
Speciality: Violin
Business: The Hammer Band (teaches students the art of listening, self-discipline, tolerance, and the rewards of working together in harmony )

“Music isn’t just a pleasure, a transient satisfaction. It’s a need, a deep hunger; and when the music is right, it’s Joy & Love.”
— Orson Scott Card

People move to Canada for work, study and career growth, but some change their work. Moshe Hamme was one of them. He came to Canada in his early 20s, but in the summer of 2005, due to some gun violence, his life changed. Children and Youth were involved in that violence. To give a better path to Canadian Youth, Hammer Sir started a charitable organization Named The Hammer Band.

The Hammer Band : A charitable organization

Playing an instrument and performing together teaches kids self-discipline, collaboration, and resilience, so Mr. Hammer started the Hammer Band for Canadian Youth. The Hammer Band improves academic achievement, lowers dropout rates, and strengthens communities in Canada. The Hammer Band has 6,000+ students. Canadian government and schools found this band was making a change in Canadian Youth and provided support to the Hammer Band. The program is now available in 42 Toronto public schools. Hammer Band youngsters are happier, more interested in school and each other, and proud of their achievements. The band now has a school waiting list because families and communities support their children's music-making.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has also shared his grateful thoughts for this band.

Mr. Moshe Hammer : As a newcomer in Canada

Many immigrants question how they will be treated in a new country; there are no worries for Canada. Mr. Hammer and other newcomers in Canada have shared their thoughts about Canadian Youth and happy life in Canada. Mr. Hammer has invitations from different communities worldwide but is not looking for a new home.

“When I first moved to Canada, I was welcomed right away, and I still love being here. As far as I'm concerned, it’s the best country on this planet. The violin gave me the chance to live here, and now I can use it to give back through The Hammer Band.”
— Mr. Moshe Hammer


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