Work Experience Required For Express Entry

how a career gap effects express entry

Last Updated On : August 06 , 2021

Is it possible to show a continuous career in your work experience? It is not easy in everybody's life. A career gap in an employees life could be for varied reasons. Will the career gap affect Express Entry for Canada?

No is the answer.

The possibility of having a career gap is so common and requires a mention in the application. Moreover, the Canadian government expects continuous one year of service. Well, the invitation for Express Entry Permanent Residence also depends on the points from the Comprehensive Ranking System.

Eligibility for Express Entry

  • The candidates having a college degree with skilled work experience.
  • Proficiency in English and French languages.
  • Those candidates who are eligible for the Federal High Skilled Program also qualify for the Express Entry system.

Requirements for Express Entry

The eligibility to apply for the Federal Skilled Worker category is applicable when these criteria are satisfied:

  • In a skilled worker category, a minimum of a year experience in the past 10 years of experience
  • A year of experience in the skilled occupation gained over the past 10 years of full-time or part-time work experience.
  • The candidate must clear the approved Language test for English and French with the Canadian Language benchmark of 7.
  • The standard set for the Educational qualification by the Canadian government.

The above-mentioned points are the minimum requirement that an individual needs to adhere to earn points from the comprehensive ranking system. Meeting the minimum requirement does not authenticate the receipt of the Invitation to Apply (ITA). The nationals are given preference over the immigrants who simply meet the requirement for the invitation.

Crucial Factors Affecting Canadian PR

  • A year of experience in a skilled occupation for the Federal skilled worker category.
  • The discrete of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) rely on the points earned by the candidate in the comprehensive ranking system.

How having a Career Gap can impact your Express Entry?

A candidate with a career gap will not impact the invitation to apply. Moreover, the process is pertinent on factors like age, educational qualification equivalent to the Canadian standards, spouse qualification, work experience of the candidate and the spouse. The points a candidate earns through CRS will be the deciding factors for the Invitation to Apply.

Based on the points taken by the candidate Ranking is given. The minimum number of points expected to be earned by a candidate is 60 points out of 100 in the points grid. The highest-ranking candidates are called for an Invitation to apply to permanent residence.

How can you improve your Comprehensive Ranking System?

There are points awarded to various criteria in the application. The ranking of the candidate depends upon the points allotted based on the following:

  • Educational qualification is equivalent to post-graduation or Ph. D.
  • Proficiency in Language in English and French.
  • Work experience as a skilled worker with a minimum of one year in the last 10 years.
  • Any blood relative presently living in Canada.
  • A nomination from Provincial Nomination Program (PNP).
  • A receipt of a letter from the employer company.

Educational Qualification

If you have foreign education you must have an Educational Credential Assessment(ECA) to acknowledge that your education, diploma or degree is on par with the standards of the Canadian government. The assessment has to be issued by secondary education. Besides, these stand as the testament for immigration purposes.

Language Proficiency

To enter the details of proficiency in the language in the Express Entry, the candidate must take the language tests under four categories. The four categories are:

  • Writing
  • Reading
  • Speaking
  • Listening

The candidate applying for Express Entry should have a minimum score of 7 from the Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB).

Work Experience

In this category, the candidate can list both full-time and part-time jobs. Full-time jobs or part-time should be under the National Occupational Classification (NOC). Full-time work is usually 30 hours per week. Any computation of work experience calculated showing beyond 30 hours is not taken into consideration. The types of jobs listed under NOC are:

  • Managerial jobs
  • Professional jobs
  • Technical jobs or Skilled jobs

The work experience should be for a year in the same NOC as mentioned in the application within the last ten years of service. The experience gained over time should have been a paid job and not a volunteer or an unpaid internship. Likewise, the part-time work should have also been a paid work or earned commission. Basically, the work experience shown should have given you income.

Work Experience of a Student

The work experience gained as a student should have the following:

  • adhere to the requirements of the program.
  • The pay received for the work as commission or wages.
  • the experience should be continuous.

How many years of work experience is essential for Canadian PR?

To qualify for the Express Entry system, a candidate requires a minimum of one year of experience. This experience added to the application accumulate points for further ranking of the candidate.

Can a candidate quit his work?

Yes, a candidate can quit his current job after applying for the Express Entry system. The work experience preceding the application stage is pertinent for the candidate.


There are several factors involved in obtaining Canadian PR. Although the process could be strenuous and lengthy, the outcome is worth every shot. This is like pulling in all the strings together for the dream of your life. The effort of the applicants has to be pristine and meticulous enough to avoid any hassles in the process.

Therefore, approach with the right attitude, relevant documents to help you beat the clock.

Canada is seeking a talented and experienced workforce based on the demand in its labor market. If you can sustain and prove your capability, the career gap will not matter much. IRCC decides based on the points you earned, so be vigilant of the details and documents you provide to receive an invitation to apply.