IELTS for Canada PR

Last Updated On : January 19 , 2023

You must demonstrate your English skills to Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) to obtain a Canadian visa.
With over three million exams taken last year, IELTS is one of the biggest and most popular high-stakes English language assessments. It is also the preferred English test for educational institutions, professional associations, and companies across Canada. IELTS is accepted by all Canadian universities, colleges, and professional bodies that have established minimal language standards for professional registration. It is also strongly encouraged that native English speakers prepare for the IELTS exam. It's easy to become overconfident about the exam when you've spent your entire life speaking English.

IELTS score for Canada PR 2022

There were different Canadian Language Benchmarks (CLB) required for Canada PR. If you apply under TEER 0 -Management occupations, you will need CLB higher than for TEER 1. There are various language competency requirements for Canada's Immigration Programs (FSWP, FSTP, CEC & PNP). Listening, reading, writing, and speaking are the four subcategories used to evaluate your language abilities.

Minimum IELTS Score To Get Canada PR

Achieving a high-scoring requirement, such as CLB 7 or higher, might be challenging for non-native English speakers, who may fail to make it to the top approval. Applicants may do well in other areas such as educational qualification, work experience, age, etc. Still, they need to improve in one of the essential Express Entry criteria, namely English language ability.
But one should never give up hope! Canada’s Provincial Nominee Programs step in to help such qualified applicants. Many PNP streams pick and nominate eligible candidates for Canada PR from the Express Entry pool, even if they have a low IELTS score ranging from CLB 4-6.
However, something extraordinary can occur if you hit CLB 9, often known as the 'first advanced' level. This is because language ability is coupled with school level and job experience earned outside Canada under the CRS's'skills transferability parameters. These combinations are worth up to 100 CRS points. These additional points respond to the ones awarded for increasing language abilities as part of the human capital components.

Which IELTS is required for Canada PR: IELTS general or academic

Whatever option is chosen, a prospective economic immigrant to Canada will almost certainly be required to demonstrate language proficiency. The programme or stream determines how language test results affect a person's eligibility or point totals. Language is virtually always a critical aspect of Canada's economic immigration schemes. As a result, potential candidates must take the subject seriously, even if they are natural language speakers.
PNPs, like Express Entry, will only accept IELTS General Training. The IELTS Academic version is not approved. Under the Express Entry CRS, single applicants and applicants with a companion/spouse or common-law partner are evaluated slightly differently.

Canada Student visa IELTS Band requirement

IELTS band requirements vary according to the programme you have selected for studying in Canada. It is frequently a minimum of 6 in each section (including writing, reading, speaking, and Listening) and a total score of 6.5 for good universities.
You can reschedule the exam, paying particular attention to your weaker areas, and submit your revised score to the designated learning institutions if you still need to satisfy the IELTS requirements for your preferred university.

Can I get PR without IELTS?

The motive for your immigration to Canada will be the decisive factor here. If you want to come as a tourist, you don't need an IELTS score to get a visa. It is optional to take an IELTS exam if you want to move to Canada and obtain a work visa, but this may differ based on the requirements of the firm you desire to work for.
Even if the firm does not explicitly request an IELTS score, they may do so later in the employment process. It is not required to take an IELTS exam if you seek a study permit.
If you have a work visa or are sponsored by your family or employer, you can work or study in Canada without taking the IELTS exam. You will need to demonstrate language competency if you wish to seek permanent residency, but there are alternatives to the IELTS exam.

Jobs in Canada without IELTS

It would be better to prepare yourself for IELTS since the CRS has been increased in the First Express Entry Draw of 2023, and with IELTS, you can increase your CRS score. If you are still looking for jobs in Canada without IELTS, there could be some jobs under TEER 5 category.


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