Immigrate to Canada from Bahrain

Last Updated On : April 28 , 2023

Moving to Canada from Bahrain is a big step filled with exciting opportunities. Whether you’re a student, an expatriate, or a skilled worker looking to take advantage of new professional opportunities in Canada, we’ve compiled this guide to provide you with the information you need to make a move. By reading, you’ll understand the requirements needed to improve your chances of success and the resources available to support you throughout the process.

Are you worried about the steps for immigrating to Canada from Bahrain or having doubts regarding travel guidelines for moving to Canada from Bahrain?
Here at PAIC, we have all this information in detail.


  • Step-by-Step Guide to Getting Permanent Resident Status in Canada
  • Travel Guidelines for Moving to Canada from Bahrain

The relationship between Canada and Bahrain is a positive one. Canada and Bahrain work together on various issues relating to trade and investment, business partnership programs etc.

The Step-by-Step Guide to Getting Permanent Resident Status in Canada

[1] Create an online account for Canada PR

Create an IRCC secure account to manage all necessary details, including application status, application fee and profile updates.

[2] Check Canada Immigration status:

There are 2 different portals for checking application status: one is for Express Entry and the second for other immigration programs( caregiver, start-up visa, health workers, Quebec programs)

[3] Check application processing time:

Canadian Experience Class - 5 months

Skilled Workers - 27 months

Skilled Trade - Not Defined

Provincial Nominee -10 Months

While there are some factors like labour disruption or immigration law updates that can increase or decrease the Canada visa processing time.

[4] Pay the application fee:

Depending upon the immigration program for your profile, you can make payments through a credit or debit card. You would pay for different processing steps, including your application, spouse or partner, and dependent child. You can find out the cost of moving to Canada from Bahrain.

Travel Guidelines for moving to Canada from Bahrain:

The Canadian government can only intervene on your behalf if you meet the entry requirements of your destination province in Canada.

Before moving to Canada, check about passport requirements.
Before leaving your home country, check with the closest foreign representative for your destination.
Ensure you are not involved in Bahraini court proceedings, labour disagreements or other legal disputes.

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There are alternatives like TOEFL, Duolingo English Test, and PTE. The PTE will be recognized as a Designated language exam by the IRCC beginning in the "late 2023" timeframe. It also depends on the university guidelines for a study permit and Company guidelines for a work permit whether you require an IELTS certificate or not.

To apply for Canadian immigration, you should know Canadian immigration laws and IRCC Updates. Find the best economic program per your profile details on IRCC Website or hire a certified Canadian immigration consultant.

Absolutely. Yes, First, be aware of the requirements for foreigners to marry Bahrainis and take them to other countries. You should show a Bahraini Marriage document at the time of document verification.