Canada Immigration Process for Irish people

move to Canada from Ireland

Last Updated On : May 10 , 2024

Beginning on the journey to immigrate to Canada from Ireland can be an exciting venture. The process involves several steps, including assessing eligibility under various immigration programs such as Express Entry (EE), the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) or the Atlantic Immigration Pilot (AIP).

Irish citizens wishing to immigrate to Canada must first determine their CRS score for Express Entry, which takes into account factors such as age, education, work experience, and language proficiency.

Additionally, securing a job offer from a Canadian employer can greatly increase one's chances.

Why choose Canada as your Destination?

Choosing Canada as a destination for Irish citizens offers a blend of opportunities and quality of life that is hard to compete. Despite concerns about the high cost of living and limited job opportunities in Ireland, Canada presents a compelling case for relocating.




Cost Comparison

  • Avg. Monthly Rent: C$2,243
  • Avg. Meal Cost : C$101
  • Avg. Transportation Cost: C$156
  • Avg. Monthly Rent: EUR1,689.51
  • Avg. Meal Cost : EUR60
  • Avg. Transportation Cost: EUR130

Avg. Salary

Cashier/ Accountant : C$16,273

Financial Analyst : C$42,722

Product Manager : C$59,398

Cashier/ Accountant : EUR33,673

Financial Analyst : EUR43,602

Product Manager : EUR42,463

Job Opportunities

Toronto is generally considered the biggest hub for IT workers. It is also known as "Silicon Valley North". 

Dublin is a prominent centre for professionals such as software developers, business analysts, project managers, and other IT specialists.

How Much Does It Cost For Canada Immigration?

Here is a brief overview of the costs associated with the Canadian immigration process for potential immigrants, such as foreign workers interested in the Canadian labour market:


Cost (CAD)


Cost of living


This includes temporary accommodation, groceries and transportation. For example, renting a room can cost at least $350/month.

Settlement funds


The amount of money needed to immigrate to Canada, for example, $12,960 for an individual

Canada PR fee

85 for Individuals, 170 for Family

Application Fee for PR

Proof of funds


The amount depends on the size of the family; For example, for an individual, it is $13,757

Right of Permanent Residence Fee


Payment of fee on approval of PR application

Biometric fee


Fee for biometric enrolment.

These costs are part of immigration programs designed to facilitate the entry of skilled workers into Canada. It is important to note that the cost of living can vary greatly depending on the city and lifestyle. 

Immigration Route To Move to Canada From Ireland:

Canada offers a variety of immigration routes for those seeking Permanent Residency (PR), each with its own unique criteria and benefits. Here is a brief description of the various programs:

Express Entry System:

Express Entry is the most selected immigration program for Irish people and globally. Having experience in an in-demand occupation field in Canada increases your chances of getting PR.

Provincial Nominee Program (PNP):

Three Canadian provinces have higher priority for Irish citizens in Canada than other provinces:

  1. Ontario
  2. Nova Scotia
  3. Newfoundland and Labrador

To become eligible to live in any of these provinces you have to check eligibility for any of these Provincial Nominee Program.

Family Sponsorship:

Are you a Permanent Resident of Canada with family in Ireland? You can sponsor them to come to Canada through the Family Sponsorship program.

Taking the Next Step towards Canada Immigration

Based on the provided data, you have compared Canada and Ireland's living, meal, and transportation costs. You are now aware of the available immigration programs for moving to Canada from Ireland.

If you have decided to apply for a PR card, it is important to consider the cost of the immigration process from the beginning to obtain it. Here are some points you should consider.

  • Check your eligibility for any of the economic immigration programs.
  • If you are eligible, prepare required documents : LOA, ECA, Work experience and others.
  • Create an Express Entry profile to enter immigration pool.
  • Depending on your profile details and CRS score, you will receive an ITA.
  • Pay the required fees : biometric, medical exam fee.


Immigrating to Canada from Ireland offers a gateway to a world of opportunities and a high quality of life. With a streamlined immigration process and a strong job market, Canada remains a top choice for Irish

In addition, the strong ties between the Ireland and Canada communities foster a sense of belonging and support for newcomers, making the transition easier. From diverse job opportunities to affordable living costs, Canada offers an attractive prospect for Irish citizens seeking a fresh start abroad.


Cost of Living in Canada

Cost of Living in Ireland


No, you don’t need a job offer to apply for Canadian immigration. Canada has over 100 economic-class immigration pathways that you may be eligible for based on your work or study experience.

Yes, having a relative in Canada can increase your points under the Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP), potentially making it easier to qualify for immigration programs like Express Entry.

No, Immigration cost is same for each country while there are some other factors which may fluctuate based on your current residence. Police certificates and medical examination fees may differ from country to county.

As of the 2021 census, there were approximately 4.4 million Irish people living in Canada.

Ontario, is the most popular Canadian province for immigrants, including Ireland, and it is considered one of the easiest provinces to obtain Canada PR in 2024.