Canada Immigration Steps to Apply As An UK Expat

Last Updated On : September 18 , 2023

Are you looking forward to making a move to Canada from the UK with dreams of making this vibrant North American nation your permanent home? Canada, known for its breathtaking landscapes, diverse culture, and thriving economy, is an attractive destination for people seeking new opportunities and a higher quality of life. This comprehensive guide will walk you through the best pathways to obtain Permanent Residency (PR) in Canada and provide you with valuable insights to make your transition smoother.


  • Best Pathways to Canada PR
  • Travel Guidelines for Moving to Canada from UK

Best Pathways to Canada PR

Whether you are an international student seeking to study in Canada, an expatriate looking for a new adventure, or a skilled worker aiming to enhance your career possibilities, Paul Abraham Immigration Company can provide you with the best pathways to Canada PR. By understanding the eligibility requirements for Canada PR, such as obtaining a study permit for international students or exploring the Canadian Experience Class for skilled workers, you can improve your chances of success in the immigration process.

  • Move to Canada as an International Student
  • Move to Canada as a Foreign Skilled Worker
  • Move to Canada through Global Talent Stream Program

Move to Canada as an International Student

Study Visa:

First, secure a study visa to enroll in a Canadian institution.

Letter of Acceptance:

Obtain a Letter of Acceptance from a Designated Learning Institute (DLI) in Canada.

Post Graduate Work Permit:

After graduation, you can apply for a Post Graduate Work Permit (PGWP), allowing you to gain valuable Canadian work experience.


Explore scholarship opportunities for international students to ease financial burdens.

Educational Credential Assessment (ECA):

Ensure your educational qualifications meet Canadian standards.

Language Requirements:

Meet the language proficiency requirements, typically assessed through IELTS or other approved tests.

Eligibility Criteria:

Understand the eligibility criteria for PR under the Express Entry system.


The cost of studying in Canada varies depending on the institution, program, and location. Budget for tuition fees, living expenses, and visa application fees.

Extending Study Permit:

If you plan to extend your stay, make sure to renew your study permit before it expires.

Move to Canada as a Foreign Skilled Worker

Canadian Experience Class:

If you have Canadian work experience, consider the CEC program.

Eligibility Requirements:

Meet the specific eligibility requirements for the CEC or other provincial nominee programs.

Language Requirements:

Demonstrate proficiency in English or French, typically through IELTS or TEF exams.


The costs associated with obtaining PR as a skilled worker may include application fees and the expenses related to language testing and educational credential assessment.

Extend Work Permit:

If you are on a work permit, make sure to extend it as needed to maintain your status.

Global Talent Stream for UK Citizens

As a UK citizen, you can explore the Global Talent Stream program, which offers expedited work permits for highly skilled workers. This can be a fast-track way to start your journey towards Canadian PR. The application process for the Global Talent Stream typically involves both the employer and the employee.

Employer's Role:

The Canadian employer must submit an application to Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC) to obtain a Labor Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) exemption under the Global Talent Stream. They will need to provide information about the job offer, including its relevance to the Global Talent Occupations List.

Employee's Role

Once the employer receives a positive LMIA exemption, the UK citizen can apply for a work permit from the Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). They may need to provide documents demonstrating their qualifications and expertise.

Eligibility Criteria for UK Citizens

To be eligible for the Global Talent Stream, UK citizens should meet the following criteria:

Have a job offer from a Canadian employer that is hiring through the GTS. The job offer should be for an occupation listed in the Global Talent Occupations List, which includes a range of high-demand roles in fields like technology, engineering, and healthcare. Demonstrate their specialised skills and expertise in the designated occupation. Meet other criteria for entering Canada, such as security and health checks.

Travel Guidelines for Moving to Canada from the UK

Consider factors like NATO, G20, G7, and international development when planning your move. Understand the commercial relationship between the UK and Canada to navigate potential trade and business opportunities.

Visa and Immigration Documents

Before you can enter Canada, you'll need to obtain the necessary visas and immigration documents. Depending on your chosen pathway, this could include a study visa, work permit, or PR application. Ensure all your paperwork is in order and you have the required permits before departing.

COVID-19 Precautions

As of my last knowledge update in September 2021, the COVID-19 pandemic has significantly impacted international travel. Make sure to stay up-to-date with the latest travel advisories, entry requirements, and quarantine regulations related to the pandemic. Check the official website of the Government of Canada for the most current information.

Health Insurance

Healthcare in Canada is highly regarded but can be expensive for non-residents. It's advisable to arrange comprehensive health insurance coverage for yourself and your family before your departure. Some provinces may also require you to enroll in their provincial healthcare plans after your arrival.


Moving to Canada from the UK can be a life-changing decision. As you embark on this exciting journey, stay updated on Canada immigration news, Express Entry system updates, and job prospects in cities like Toronto. Consider educational opportunities, scholarships, and the benefits of obtaining PR in Canada. Whether you're from England, Northern Ireland, or Scotland, Canada offers a warm welcome and numerous opportunities for a brighter future.


Polish citizens can apply for a Canadian visa through various immigration pathways, such as Express Entry or provincial nominee programs.

Indian citizens in the UK can explore study, work, or family sponsorship options to move to Canada.

Costs vary based on the immigration pathway, including visa fees, educational expenses, and living costs in Canada.

You can sponsor your British spouse for Canadian PR through family sponsorship programs.

Certain immigration pathways may require language proficiency, but options exist for language improvement.

Canada values bilingualism; French-speaking UK citizens may have advantages in certain provinces like Quebec.