Navigating Canada Express Entry 2024: Eligibility, Documents, Cost & More

canada express entry eligibility

Last Updated On : February 13 , 2024

Understanding Canada Express Entry

Canada Express Entry is a system designed by the Canadian government to manage applications for Permanent Residence from skilled workers.

Express Entry Pool

The Express Entry pool serves as a platform where individuals worldwide, aiming for permanent residence in Canada, submit their information. Eligible candidates aspiring to become permanent residents are evaluated and ranked using a points-based system, with the CRS score determined by the details furnished in their profiles.

Canada Express Entry Eligibility Criteria

Candidates must meet the following criteria to qualify for the Canada Express Entry program.

1. Language Proficiency

Applicants must demonstrate proficiency in English or French through designated language tests.

2.  Education

A post-secondary degree, diploma, or certificate is required to qualify for the program.

3. Work Experience

Relevant work experience in a skilled occupation is a key requirement.

4. Admissibility

All applicants must be admissible to Canada, which includes factors such as security, health, and criminality.

The minimum points required to enter Canada via Express Entry

Embark on your journey to Canada's Express Entry, where your destiny is shaped by the magic of five captivating selection factors.

Age group Minimum points
18-35 Years 12
36 11
37 10
38 9
39 8
40 7
41 6
42 5
43 4
44 3
45 2
46 1
47 & Above 0
2: Education
Education Minimum points
Doctoral or PhD or Equivalent 25 Points
Master’s Degree 23 Points
Two or more Diplomas 22 Points
Canadian Post Secondary Degree or Bachelor’s Degree 21 Points
Canadian Post Secondary Degree or Bachelor’s Degree 19 Points
Canadian Post Secondary Degree 15 Points
Canadian Post Secondary Degree or One year Program 5 Points
3: Work Experience
Experience Minimum points
Above 6 years 15 Points
4-5 years 12 Points
2-3 years 11 Points
1 years 9 Points
4: Language Proficiency
First Language CBL 9 & Above CLB 8 CLB 7 Less than CLB 7
Speaking 6 5 4 0
Listening 6 5 4 0
Reading 6 5 4 0
Writing 6 5 4 0
Total 24 20 16 _
For the second official language
Minimum CLB 5 in all four language factors 4 Points
At least CLB 4 or less 0
5. Adaptability
Adaptability Minimum points
Your spouse language skills 5 points
Previous Education was in Canada 5 points
If your spouse’s past education was in Canada 5 points
Past work experience in Canada   10 points
If your spouse’s is having past work experience in Canada 5 points
Arranged employment in Canada 5 points
Relatives in Canada 5 points

Ways to enhance your CRS score include:

1. Language Skills:

By demonstrating proficiency in both official languages, you can earn a maximum of 260 CRS points under the language factor.

2. Education:

Enhance your educational qualifications to claim additional CRS points. Additionally, obtaining Canadian study experience can significantly boost your overall score.

3. Spousal Adaptability:

If traveling with a spouse, incorporating their potential factors can raise the overall CRS score.

4. Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) Nomination:

Explore and apply for a suitable Provincial Nominee Program, potentially earning a nomination and an additional 600 points towards your total score.

5. Canadian Employment:

Securing employment with a Canadian employer can elevate your total score by 50-200 points.

Canada Express Entry Requirements

The requirements for the Canada Express Entry program include creating an Express Entry profile and meeting the eligibility criteria for one of the four federal economic immigration programs:

a. The Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSW)

The Federal Skilled Worker Program is designed for skilled professionals possessing relevant work experience, aiming to secure a Permanent Residency(PR).

b. The Federal Skilled Trades Program (FSTP)

The Federal Skilled Trades Program customized for skilled workers seeking Permanent Residency through qualifications in specific skilled Trades.

c. The Canadian Experience Class (CEC)

The Canadian Experience Class caters to skilled workers with prior Canadian work experience who aspire to obtain Permanent Residency status.

d. Provincial Nominee Programs (PNP)

The vibrant provinces of Canada actively engage in the program to select and endorse candidates who fulfill their dynamic labor market requirements.

Cost of Canada Express Entry

The cost associated with the Canada Express Entry process includes fees for language tests, educational credential assessments, and the application itself. Additionally, there are settlement fund requirements to demonstrate financial stability (Proof of Funds).

Documents required for the Canada Express Entry Program

  • To submit your profile, document upload is not mandatory, yet you may require details from the following documents:
  • Passport or travel document.
  • For Venezuelan passport holders: Additional steps might be necessary during profile creation or application submission.
  • Language proficiency test results.
  • Evidence of Canadian education or educational credential assessment report for immigration (purposes, particularly if you are applying via the Federal Skilled Workers Program or seeking points for education obtained outside Canada).
  • Provincial nomination documentation (if applicable).
  • Written job offer from a Canadian employer (if applicable).
  • Verification of work experience.
  • Certification of qualification in a trade occupation issued by a Canadian province or territory (if applicable).
  • Proof of funds

Express Entry Draws in Canada

Express Entry draws are conducted regularly by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) to issue invitations to apply for permanent residence to candidates who meet the eligibility criteria. The frequency and minimum Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score for invitations varies with each draw.

In the Express Entry draw on January 10, 2024, invitations were extended to 1,510 candidates through a general draw, with a prerequisite minimum CRS score of 546 for eligibility.

Canada Express Entry Points Calculator

The Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) is utilized to assess and rank candidates within the Express Entry pool. Points are assigned based on criteria including age, education, work experience, language proficiency, and other relevant factors.. Candidates can use the CRS calculator to assess their potential score and eligibility for the program.

As Canada continues to be an attractive destination for skilled immigrants, the Canada Express Entry program provides a streamlined pathway to permanent residence for eligible individuals.


The Canada Express Entry program offers a promising opportunity for skilled individuals seeking to immigrate to Canada. By understanding the eligibility criteria, requirements, and assessment factors such as language proficiency and work experience, individuals can strategically prepare and navigate the application process. With the regular conduct of Express Entry draws and the availability of resources such as point calculators, candidates can make informed decisions and increase their chances of receiving an invitation to apply for permanent residence in Canada.