The Latest News from Immigration Minister Marc Miller of IRCC

Canada immigration news with new appointed immigration minister Marc Miller

Last Updated On : August 10 , 2023

On 26th July 2023, Marc Miller was appointed as the new immigration minister of Canada. In a recent interview with CBC News, Federal Immigration Minister Marc Miller recognized and shared his thoughts on how immigrants are essential to the Canadian economy.

  • He has discussed the Canadian government's challenges; the government will be looking forward to making new policies to reduce backlogs and rapid the immigration process.
  • The Canadian government is looking for more international students to come to Canada and faster study permit processing.
  • The immigration system is working to decrease the number of immigration applications of Afghani and Ukranian refugees from the backlog repository.
  • The country has been open and welcoming Talented, Skilled Workers as, from the last five years, resulting in positive economic growth.

Ontario Immigration News

Welcoming Skilled Workers

The Ontario government has planned to invest $25 million from 2023 to 2025. To address the need for more available workers in the construction department and to support the province economically, it is important to advocate for increasing the number of skilled immigrants. The more buildings constructed in the area will maintain the labour shortage, and the GDP will be increased as there are more skilled immigrants.

The province and the federal government have targeted to welcome more than 18K economic immigrants by 2025, and to achieve this target province has announced the new investment budget for 2023. The budget will Expedite the procedures so that newcomers to Ontario can easily find work in their fields. The extra money will improve the system’s security and other IT components to meet current and future demands.

Energy Affordability Program

Ontario Energy Affordability Program

As a newcomer to the country, immigrants have many financial responsibilities, like food, accommodation, travel, health treatment, etc. Ontario is assisting thousands of additional households in reducing their energy consumption and saving money by amending the eligibility for the Energy Affordability Program, which provides free home-efficiency modifications to Ontarians seeking assistance with their energy bills. The Energy Affordability Program offers ways to save energy to help eligible household immigrants cut their energy use and save up to $750 per year on electricity costs.
If you are eligible for the Energy Affordability Program, you will get the following services:

  • ● Comprehensive Support
  • ● Energy Saving Kits

Low-Income Energy Assistance Program

Clients behind on their electricity or natural gas account and in danger of terminating their service can also apply for assistance under the Low-Income Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) and get up to $600 in emergency assistance if they qualify. Enbridge’s Home Winterproofing Program is available to clients of natural gas companies who qualify based on their income; this means an enhanced customer experience as well as making it easier than ever before for families to acquire energy-efficient renovations that will assist them in lowering their energy expenditures and increasing their level of comfort in their homes.

Ontario Immigration Nominee Program Updates:

On 1st August 2023 Ontario has sent 755 Invitations through Master Graduate Stream and 84 Invitations through PhD Graduate Stream.

Ontario Immigration Nominee Program was updated on 6th April 2023 in section 87 of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Regulations (IRPR). To become an eligible member of the provincial nominee class, the applicant should meet all of the following requirements:

  • The applicant should have the potential to develop and ensure commercially established in Canada.
  • The applicant should have a Provincial Nominee Certificate issued by a provincial or territorial administration.
  • The applicant desires to live in the province or territory where they were nominated.
Some updated definitions exist for the exclusion of members in the Provincial Nominee Class in subsections 87(5) & 87(6).


From the above stats, we can determine how important it is to be updated with Immigration news. Expatriates, international skilled workers and international students who are looking to move to Canada in 2023 should prepare themselves mentally and financially for both situations: before arriving in Canada and after arriving in Canada.
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Reference: Ontario Helping Families Save Money with Energy-Efficiency Program