Why hire RCIC

Last Updated On : July 16 , 2021

Immigrating to a new country is indeed a complex process with a lot of paperwork, documentation and strict deadlines. With the various immigration policies, laws and visa opportunities in place, knowing which program to apply for and how to apply can be extremely confusing. Fortunately, our Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants (RCICs) are here to guide you throughout the journey of your entire immigration process. Once you have an RCIC, you know that you’re safe and secure with your Visa application being in the right hands. At PAIC, our  RCIC, Mr. Paul Abraham takes care of everything on your behalf, and makes your Visa application a lot easier than doing it all on your own. Being an experienced person in the industry, Mr. Paul Abraham has got numerous applications submitted correctly the first time around, ensuring that the application is fully perfect according to the norms and rules of the respective immigration process so that the applicant has a greater chance of being successful in receiving an ITA.

Let us give you some valid reasons to entrust upon Mr. Paul Abraham to guide you through in your immigration process.

1.    An in-depth knowledge about Canada’s visa system:

Mr. Paul Abraham has been a big name in the industry with his in-depth knowledge of the process. He always stays updated with the latest changes in the immigration policies and current professional licensing requirements and analyses the candidate’s profile accordingly. He has an intimate working knowledge of Canada’s immigration system and available visas. Therefore, he is able to advise you on which visa you qualify for and for which you should apply.

2.    Licensed with the regulatory body i.e. CICC:

Getting the RCIC license is not an easy task. It takes hell lot of efforts to get recognized by the CICC. Also, the agents have to go through an intricate and meticulous process in order to enter the industry. Therefore, there is no doubt about the authenticity and expertise of our RCIC. Mr. Paul and team work according to a strict code of conduct, which is duly enforced. This code ensures that interests of our clients are protected and that you are working with a knowledgeable and fully competent professional. Our RCIC remain in good standing with the authorities; they are always working with your best interests in mind.

3.    Can directly communicate with the Immigration Authorities and your employer on your behalf:

If you would have ever tried to contact a governmental department such as an embassy or consulate, you would know that it can be a discouraging, time-consuming and exhausting experience. But, fortunately, working with a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant means you do not have to go through all this in order to battle your way into Canada. Mr. Paul’s team ensures that your application meets the requirements of the Canadian Immigration Authorities, increasing your chances of a favorable outcome.


4.    Creates a personalized immigration strategy for you to increase your chances to move to Canada:

Mr. Paul Abraham is a professional strategist qualified to guide you successfully through the labyrinth of Canada’s visa system.

The PAIC team stands by you throughout the process and advices you about your best options in applying for a visa. He will guide you so that you have a complete understanding of your objectives and timeline expectations.


5.    Offer you a different perspective on your immigration options:

The PAIC team is obliged to provide you with honest, reliable, feedback on your options, while also advising you on the entire immigration process.

We provide you with the information that you had not considered which could broaden your immigration opportunities to Canada. Moreover, with the team’s expertise in Canadian immigration, we provide immigration options to our clients that are specifically customized to each of their needs.


6.    All your paperwork/Documentation is taken care of:

Immigration process requires tons of paperwork, filing, form submissions, and documentation which are supposed to be compiled meticulously and submitted within prescribed deadlines. However, being with PAIC, you don’t really need to worry about all this as our team takes care of everything on your behalf.

What makes our consultant different from others is that he has years of experience in the industry, being in Canada and thus he carries an intimate knowledge of the immigration system as well as the parameters and criteria set by the immigration authorities to invite the new immigrants to Canada. So, let’s shake hands and make your journey to Canada easy with the PAIC team. For further enquiries, visit our website or reach out to us on our toll-free number.