An Intro To RCIC Canada In Under 10 Minutes

Last Updated On : February 01 , 2023

RCIC Meaning

Because there are about 100 Canadian immigration programmes, and the procedure may be challenging, if not confusing, you may not even know where to begin. Our specialists are professionally qualified, accredited, and intimately familiar with Canadian immigration policies. They will tailor your immigration strategy to enhance your chances of acquiring the option most suited to your needs.

So let’s understand all that a little bit more in detail, starting below.

What is RCIC in Canadian Immigration?

Some people may need help with applying for a Canadian visa. A Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC) eases this process to an extraordinary degree for such people. An RCIC is a qualified person who has been registered and granted a license to provide a legal advice, assist his clients with the visa application procedure, and file the visa on their behalf.
Since they are skilled professionals with years of expertise, you can consider seeking assistance from an RCIC if you lack the confidence to complete the task on your own, which is expected.

Why should you hire an RCIC?

Even though Canada regards those who apply independently and those who get assistance equally, you should still work with an RCIC since even a minor error in your application might cost you a lot of time and money, both of which you desire. RCICs thoroughly review your profile and point out any errors that might result in a visa refusal using their experience.
With an RCIC, the extensive study into choosing the best immigration program for yourself may be reduced.

Is my immigration consultant authorized?

You should check that an RCIC is licensed before registering with them since Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) does not accept applications filed by agents or agencies that are not licensed. Agents without a license are not qualified to provide you with legal counsel or act as your advocate before the IRCC.
You may check the online register found on the College of Immigration and Citizenship Consultants’ official website to ensure that your agent is registered and authorized. The agent must be in good standing at the time of the search, and you must only contact consultants with an active status and ID.

What if my Canadian Immigration Consultant is not an authorized agent?

If you submit your application through an unlicensed agent, it will not be processed, and the IRCC will notify you in writing that your consultant is not authorized. Suppose you believe that the IRCC erred and your consultant has a license. You must resubmit your application as quickly as possible, along with certified documentation proving your consultant’s authorization or license.
However, if your consultant is not licensed, you’ll need to reapply through a new agency or on your own. Check to see if your consultant is licensed using the methods described above on this page, and proceed accordingly.

How to Find the Best Immigration Consultant for Canada PR?

To start, you may do an internet search. You can also contact any of your friends or family members who have already undergone the same procedure as the consultant they chose. Whatever method you use to select your consultant, ensure they are qualified for the position and have a valid license. Additionally, you can select an RCIC from the online list of RCICs on the CICC register. It also displays the languages they can speak. Because everyone has a different spending plan, you should consider their costs when picking your consultant. With the help of proper research, decide on the best RCIC you can within your budget.
Once the selecting part is done, obtain a written agreement with the RCIC and proceed with the application procedure.

What services can a Canadian immigration consultant provide?

An RCIC thoroughly explains the entire process to you at the beginning and walks you through each step so you can decide how to proceed moving forward. From a selection of more than 80 programmes, they select the immigration pathway or programme that is suitable for you based on your profile, which is a great relief for the applicant. By applying on your behalf, they act as your representative before the IRCC.
If a problem arises, they contact the appropriate authorities on your behalf and make every effort to fix it. They rectify any errors you may have made and make your application look its best.

Why Choose PAIC?

Mr Paul Abraham, our RCIC, has been a part of the same problems as faced by you in this particular issue. As a result, he is the perfect individual to walk you through the entire procedure. Moreover, the PAIC staff handles your immigration process from start to finish. Please visit our website PAIC for further information.
Honesty, business ethics, and best practices characterize Paul’s attitude toward all clients. So, our services, too, are governed by the regulator’s standards of ethics and best practices. PAIC gives you the highest possible chance of success in whichever immigration programme you apply for.