Intra Company Transfer Canada – A pathway to Canada PR


Last Updated On : December 14 , 2021

Canada is a country with a strong English tradition, a growing French-speaking population, and a strong multicultural society. The country’s reputation as a safe and attractive place to live makes it a natural destination for multinational corporations who want to develop businesses or to relocate Intra-company transfers to Canada are a great pathway to Canada PR.

The main advantage of this is that your company can take advantage of the Canada PR without you having to leave your current employer or company. This is important because this is not something that everyone can do. 

The employer you are currently with would not be able to sponsor you for PR and this requires legal and administrative assistance. The Canada PR allows you to make changes to your immigration status and allows you to stay and work in Canada. 


The key benefits of the Intra-Company Transfer work permit program.

Some of the key benefits of the ICT work permit program are:-

1. Live and work in Canada: Your spouse also can work in Canada during your employment period. Kids can go to Canadian public schools for free or nominal fees.

2. No English language test is required: You can obtain a work permit to work in Canada without taking any English or French language proficiency tests.

3. Access to free health care: Health care is provided by the government for free medical health coverage after 3 months of work in Canada. 

4. You can reside in your home country: The best part is you can reside in your home country. you don’t have to stay in Canada on a full-time basis. 

5. Business opportunities: Access to Canadian and US markets if you want to expand your business. A stable and secure banking system and financing capital and a lot of business opportunities.

6. Permanent residency: After 3 years of stay in Canada with a temporary work permit, you will be eligible to apply for Canadian permanent residence. After getting PR you can even apply for Canadian citizenship which is the most desirable passport in the world.


How to Apply for Intra Company Transfer Work Permit?

The process of applying for an intra-company work permit depends on the nationality of the applicant.

  • If the applicant is from the visa-exempt nationals they can apply for the intra-company transfer work permit at the port of entry(POE).
  • If the Intra-company transfers to Canada from the US they can apply at POE. Even the waiting period will be less for them.
  • Others have to apply online.


Intra Company transfer to Canada from India

An intra-company transfer to Canada, also known as an intra-company transfer or Canadian Intra company transfer (CIT), is a way for a company to transfer employees, managers, and executives from one of its affiliates, subsidiaries, or parent companies in India to one of its offices in Canada. This allows the employee to immigrate to Canada without having to find a new job in Canada.

The employee is already employed by a company with a Canadian office, so they do not need to find a new employer in Canada.

The intra-company employee can work in Canada as a highly-skilled worker under the intra-company transfer program which is a part of Canadian business immigration.

Applying for an Intra-Company Transfer visa permits the corporate and worker to avoid applying for an LMIA since this is often an LMIA-exempt work permit. 

The qualified intra-company transferees need to have work permits and are exempted from the Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA). Their contribution to the economy of Canada is significant with their expertise in Canadian business.

Intra-company transfers to Canada from India are a great pathway to Canada PR. The process typically takes only a few months and involves minimal paperwork.

Intra Company transfer Canada processing time 

The processing time for an Intra Company Transfer Canada application is usually 1 to 2 months from the moment of applying. Sometimes it may go up to 3 to 4 months in rare cases. This processing time can vary depending on the type of application you are applying for and also on the immigration category you fall under. 

The processing time for all Canadian immigration programs is dynamic and is constantly changing based on the number of applications and the current levels. 

Intra Company Transfer Canada applications can be processed faster if the applicant has a priority processing of work permits under the global skills strategy, the qualified applicants can get the Intra-Company Transfer visa within 2 weeks.


Intra-company transfer processing time covid-19

Covid-19 has hit badly almost all the field. It is so frustrating for many people who had applied for a Canadian temporary work permit or permanent residency, the waiting process is becoming even longer, especially for those who have been submitted an application a while back.

The processing time for intra-company transfer after submitting the application is expected to be 35 weeks or more than that if you are applying outside Canada. It is difficult to say the accurate time for most applications.


Documents Required for Intra Company Transfer to Canada include:

  1. Filled and signed application forms for the LMIA-exempt work permit
  2. Family Information form
  3. Home Country letter (to be provided by your local HR of the foreign nation ).
  4. One (1) digital photograph size of 34 x 55mm.
  5. Copy of Offer of Employment Canadian entity.
  6. Copy of resume.
  7. Copies of appointment letters and relieving letters from current and previous employers.
  8.  Proof of Personal funds including income tax returns for the past two years.
  9. Copies of Bank Statements for the past three months.
  10. Copies of salary slips for the past three months.
  11. Acknowledgment of completion of Medicals.


Intra Company transfer Canada to PR

Permanent residency in Canada is a status given to the people who are not citizens of Canada. With permanent residency (PR) you can live in the country and work without any time limit.

International intra-company transfer Canada is a new immigration class introduced in 2010. 

It offers a pathway to Canada PR for foreign nationals of companies that have offices in Canada, are legally registered in Canada, offer employment opportunities to Canadians or permanent residents, and have a business plan or a work permit application in process. 

This category is ideal for foreign nationals who are on assignment to Canada on behalf of their company. The employment must be with the Canadian branch of the foreign company, not its foreign office.


From Intra Company Transfer Visa to Canadian PR 

After one year of gaining Canadian work experience as the intra-company transferees with an ICT work permit, If you are applying for an express entry program for PR additional 50 points will be increased in a foreign worker’s CRS [Comprehensive Ranking System] Score and most likely increasing the chances to get an ITA [Invitation to Apply] for Permanent Residence.

Intra Company Transfer Canada is a fast-track route to a Canadian Permanent Residency.


How long does intra-company transfer to Canada?

The initial Canada ICT visa is valid for the length of time of the employee’s job offer, as indicated on their employment contract. Usually granted for one year. It can be renewed before its expiry if the employee continues to work for the same employer. The ICT work permit can be renewed 2-3 times.

The intra-company transferee’s maximum work permit duration for executives and senior managers is seven years and for specialized knowledge workers, they can stay for five years.

If they want to re-enter Canada they have to complete one year outside Canada.


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