Renewal of PR Card Canada


It is encouraged for permanent residents of Canada to convey a substantial PR card consistently. Besides the fact that the PR permits permanent residents to show proof of status, it likewise enables individuals to go through the country openly. 

Permanent residents can apply for another PR card if a PR card is within nine months of termination or has proactively lapsed.

To renew a permanent resident’s card, a candidate should submit a complete application in printed version to one of Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada’s (IRCC) Case Processing Centers for PR cards. Upon accommodation, provided that an application is finished and the permanent residents meet all necessities, another PR card will be given.

It should be noted that permanent resident status does not lapse when an individual’s PR card terminates. Individuals can lose their PR status if they go through an authorization process. You can lose your PR status in the accompanying situations:

  •       A removal order is made against you and comes into effect
  •       You become a Canadian citizen.
  •       Even if a person fails to meet the permanent 

How do I renew my permanent resident card?

You can apply for another card if your permanent resident card (PR Card) is terminated or will lapse in under 9 months. The new card will have another termination date. Most new PR cards are legitimate for five years.

To be qualified for a PR card, you want to

  •    Be a permanent resident 
  •    Submit your application in Canada

Which documents are required for pr card renewal?

After five years, your Permanent Resident Card will lapse, and you should attempt to renew it quickly. Renewing your Permanent Resident Card is simple with a migration advisor and can guarantee that you have the entirety of the required documentation. The following is a rundown of documents you will require for the renewal process:

  •    A photocopy of the primary ID record
  •    Photocopies of two additional forms of ID
  •    Proof of residency
  •    Two photos were taken over the most recent a half year before you applied.


How long does it take to renew a permanent resident card?

When you fill in the required information and submit the forms with all applicable documents connected, you’ll have to wait for IRCC to process your card. Much of the time, it will take around 90 days for your card to be processed. To smooth out this process, submit a total application bundle and ensure that you’ve satisfied the residency necessity.

What is the pr card renewal fee?

The fees payable to the IRCC rely upon which application you are applying for and where you are applying from; they must be paid online. You should pay the Government fees independently to finish your application accommodation, as you must incorporate authority proof of installment along with your application.

Applications to IRCC (formerly known as CIC) won’t be processed without the authority receipt for the installment of the required government fees.

Whenever you have gotten the installment receipt, you are required to:

  •       Print a receipt of your installment
  •       Incorporate it with your application
  •       Save a duplicate of your proof of installment for your records

If you have proactively begun the renewal process but have a legitimate card, don’t discard it until you get the new card. You can, utilize the legitimate card while voyaging because you will require it to reappear in Canada. You ought to eradicate your old card after getting the new renewed card.



Start renewing your permanent resident card no less than a half year before the expiry date for routine cases and one year ahead of time for complex matters. It will assist you with staying away from deferrals and bothers. 

The PR card is a significant travel record, so consistently ensure it doesn’t lapse while you are away from Canada. If you must travel and your card is yet to be renewed, you can apply for a Travel Document to return to Canada.

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