Modifying Express Entry Profile after Receiving ITA

5 sections of express entry profile to update

Last Updated On : May 03 , 2024

Modifying Express Entry Profile after Receiving ITA

Updating your Express Entry profile is crucial, as it affects your CRS score and may impact your chances of receiving or declining an ITA.

Sometimes, certain documents, such as a marriage certificate or spouse documents, may not be available when you create your express entry profile.

Suppose you have a newborn child and wish to move to Canada with an additional family member, take your parents with you, or need to update your job information with a Letter of Explanation (LOE).

Under such circumstances, you may need to update this information on your express entry profile. Candidates must maintain their eligibility for PR during the entire period of Canada Immigration.

What should I do if there are changes to my Express Entry profile after receiving my ITA?

The subsequent information will address this query and provide additional information on how to edit profile, update application, and modify information to ensure a seamless Express Entry immigration process.

Express Entry Profile Update Express Entry Profile Fields

To maintain the integrity of your application and avoid penalties for providing inaccurate or false information, it is important to accurately update your Express Entry profile. Here's what you need to know:

1. Personal Details Update:

Keeping your Contact details updated ensures that Immigration Canada can reach you promptly and accurately.

Incorrect information can lead to missed communications or delays in your application process.

2. Educational Details Update:

Updating your educational details can impact your Educational Credentials Assessment report, which plays a key role in assessing your eligibility for immigration.

Accurate educational information ensures alignment with eligibility criteria and job offer requirements.

3. Work Experience Update:

Your work experience is a key factor in determining your eligibility for immigration.

Accurately updating this information ensures that you meet the required criteria and have the necessary qualifications for the job offers available in Canada.

4. Language Score Update:

Language proficiency is essential for integration into Canadian society and the workforce.

Updating your language score accurately reflects your current language abilities, which may impact your eligibility for certain immigration programs and job opportunities.

5. Spouse Details Update:

Providing accurate information about your spouse is important for determining your eligibility for family sponsorship and certain immigration streams.

Keeping this information up to date ensures that your application accurately reflects your family situation and eligibility criteria.


Maintaining an accurate Express Entry profile is essential to maintaining your eligibility for Canadian permanent residence. Timely updates to your profile, including changes to personal, educational, work experience, language proficiency, and spouse information, can substantially improve your chances.

It is also important to keep your family details up to date, especially if you are considering family sponsorship routes. Be sure to use the profile editing options available to you to make these updates efficiently and adhere to all application deadlines.