5 Easy steps to Solve your PR visa Problems to live a better life in Canada

Last Updated On : March 29 , 2023

Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) reports that around 30% of all student visa applications for Canada are denied each year. Students applying for a bachelor's degree in Canada had the highest rejection rate, while those applying for a PhD in Canada had the lowest rejection rate.
Also, some PR applications from international workers are in the IRCC inventory. As an immigrant, you should always be updated with IRCC Immigration Updates.

Problems in Canadian Visa Process

Many things could be improved in the current system of the Visa process. They are keeping in mind the traffic the authorities have to bear each year regarding immigration is beyond comprehension. So, a few problems, like applicants must provide a bank certificate or bank statement as part of the Canadian visa application procedure. These documents demonstrate your ability to sustain yourself while studying abroad.

Expenses problems during the Canada visa process

A visa officer may only accept your application if you are certain that you can pay for travel expenses, tuition, and day-to-day living expenses while in Canada. Delays are typically caused by additional security and background clearances required due to your citizenship, links to certain countries, or field of study. These extra clearance checks take many weeks to months to complete.

Why might your Canada Visa get rejected?

There are many reasons why your Visa might be rejected. Even at times, it could be due to any unforeseen cause as well. But, to say secure, let's know some of the common reasons:

  • ● Failure to submit complete and accurate supporting documentation.
  • ● Inability to demonstrate sufficient financial means to fund your trip to and stay in Canada.
  • ● Failure to comply with international security norms, such as when the applicant has a criminal record.
  • ● Failure to comply with health regulations.
  • ● The visa officer has concerns about the applicant's intentions or application.

What are the payment issues that occur during immigration?

Payment may have been denied for a variety of reasons. Check to see whether your debit or credit card was declined. Call the phone number on the back of your credit or debit card for further instructions on completing this overseas transaction. Your bank or financial institution is aware of this widespread problem.

You might have selected the incorrect card issuer country – check that you have chosen the proper nation in the PayPal payment window.For example, if a bank in the United States has issued your debit or credit card, you must select the United States.

Which profiles get rejected in between the immigration processes?

The IRCC takes misrepresentation cases very seriously. If an applicant is accused of misrepresentation, their application will be denied. It may render an application ineligible. As a result, it is usually prudent to use extreme caution while writing your application to avoid deception.

The Canadian government's policy rejects immigrant applications that may result in "excessive demand" on the country's healthcare system. According to this regulation, an applicant for Canadian immigration must have a medical examination verified by Canadian medical personnel. Under the following conditions, the IRCC may reject the applicant's application:

  • ● If they have a severe ailment that may impact the general health of the Canadian population.
  • ● If an applicant's admission results in overburdening the Canadian government's health care or social services.
  • ● If you have a criminal record in your native country, it might be one of the key reasons for your application being rejected.

It makes no difference how minor the criminal infraction is. There have been cases when people have faced visa refusals for traffic violations or driving charges, depending on how they declared it in their visa application.

How Financial Certificates affect the PR visa process

As part of the visa application procedure for Canada, all candidates must provide evidence of finances by furnishing bank statements or bank certificates. These papers demonstrate that the principal applicant and any family members living in Canada or the applicant's home country can financially support themselves. Applicants must provide sufficient evidence of finances based on the amount necessary by their selected visa programme to ensure their application is accepted.


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