Canada PR Processing Time

Canada is a renowned immigration destination for people from all over the world. Its excellent quality of life, solid professional opportunities, and secure environment make it the perfect destination for Indians to live, work, and permanently reside in the country.

Updated On : 28-04-2022
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Canada PR Visa Fees

The permanent or temporary residence visa payments are determined by the number of family members accompanying the lead applicant. They are independent of any payment made to an appropriate authority, such as an attorney. Please note that IRCC has the

Updated On : 26-04-2022
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Student Visa To Permanent Resident Canada

International students enrolled in Canada can apply for permanent residence status in Canada while they are studying or after they have completed their studies, as long as they match the necessities of the Canadian immigration plan they are applying for.

Updated On : 25-04-2022
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Canada Spouse Visa Processing Time

Spousal sponsorship in Canada is how a Canadian citizen or permanent resident may nominate their spouse to come to Canada and live permanently. Fortunately, they realize how vital it is for people to be together in Canada. As a result,

Updated On : 21-04-2022
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Move To Canada From Philippines

The Philippines is Canada third-most important source country for new immigrants, and so there are many choices for Philipinos who wish to apply for permanent residence in Canada. As Canada endeavors to hit an ambitious target of new

Updated On : 19-04-2022
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Move to Canada from Germany

Hundreds of thousands of German citizens have moved to Canada in recent years. There are many routes to achieving Canadian permanent residency visas for German citizens. People want to immigrate to Canada from Germany for various reasons, such as

Updated On : 16-04-2022
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Renewal of PR Card Canada

It is encouraged for permanent residents of Canada to convey a substantial PR card consistently. Besides the fact that the PR permits permanent residents to show proof of status, it likewise enables individuals to go through the country openly.

Updated On : 15-04-2022
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Move to Canada from Mexico

Canada has better work opportunities, a better education system, and easy healthcare services for permanent Canadian residents. Living in Canada is safe. It is a good idea to think about moving to Canada from Mexico. Get more information about the

Updated On : 08-04-2022
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Move to Canada from Nigeria

For many Nigerians, immigrating to Canada presents many opportunities not available to them in their home country. New work, valuable open doors, a thriving economy, and internationally perceived schools are generally factors that make Canada a top destination for Nigerian

Updated On : 05-04-2022
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Move to Canada from Sri Lanka

There are many motivations behind why individuals need to immigrate to Canada from Sri Lanka, such as creating a superior future for their families, a decent work-life balance, furthering their examinations, or perhaps getting away from the buzzing about city

Updated On : 26-03-2022
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7 Easiest province to immigrate to Canada

As you make arrangements to immigrate to Canada, guarantee that you are all around informed before picking a province to live in. Framing part of the second-biggest country on the planet, Canada’s provinces cover a massive scope of territory and

Updated On : 21-03-2022
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Canada Have The Best Education System In The World

Not many choices come into our minds regarding scenic study environments, and these are usually the U.K., USA, and Canada! And when we talk about affordable and educational excellence,

Updated On : 07-03-2022
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