canada pr visa fee
Canada PR Fee

The Canada PR fee varies depending on the program you select. For express entry, it is $850, and after 30 April, it will be $950 for the next two years.

Updated On : 13-04-2024
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CRS Score for Canadian PR Eligibility
Highlighting the Key Elements Affecting your CRS score for Canadian PR Eligibility

CRS is a point-based system that assesses your suitability as a potential immigrant to Canada. Your score reflects your human capital—skills, Education, Work experience, and language proficiency.

Updated On : 13-04-2024
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the image is of blog which describe how to apply for PR in Canada
Apply For Canada PR

The Canada PR visa is a common choice for people wishing to relocate to Canada. Many people have attempted to move to Canada because of its immigrant-friendly policies and the government’s advocacy

Updated On : 09-04-2024
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the image is of blog which describe how you can move to Canada permanently from Hong Kong, including
How to Move to Canada from Hong Kong : A Guide for Expats and Their Families

Hong Kong residents can immigrate to Canada through various pathways, such as Express Entry, the Provincial Nominee Program, Family Sponsorship, and Business Immigration programs.

Updated On : 05-04-2024
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Image is provind information on what are the factors that make indians move to Canada
3 Basic Steps for Moving to Canada from India

Moving to Canada from India can be a challenging decision due to the numerous immigration programs available, with the most commonly selected program being the Express Entry program.

Updated On : 05-04-2024
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Family Class Sponsorship
What is Family Class Sponsorship?

Family Sponsorship Canada immigration programs streamline the process for citizens and permanent residents to bring their spouse and immediate family to Canada, thereby reducing processing times.

Updated On : 05-04-2024
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New Zealand vs. Canada
8 Key Factors: Comparing New Zealand and Canada

Canada holds a slight edge over New Zealand in education. Furthermore, educational Universities in Canada are more affordable than their counterparts in New Zealand.

Updated On : 05-04-2024
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Medical Exam Requirements
Canada Permanent Residence Mandatory Medical Examination Criteria

All individuals applying for permanent residency, along with their accompanying spouses, partners, and dependent children, must undergo a PR medical examination.

Updated On : 03-04-2024
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Move to Canada from Sri Lanka
Move to Canada from Sri Lanka

To move to Canada from Sri Lanka, you'll typically need to apply for a visa or residency permit through programs such as Express Entry, Provincial Nominee Program (PNP), or Family Sponsorship.

Updated On : 02-04-2024
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immigrate to canada from new zealand
Immigrate To Canada From New Zealand

Express Entry is the top choice for immigrating to Canada from New Zealand due to its swift processing times, typically ranging from 4 to 8 months.

Updated On : 29-03-2024
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move to canada from US
Steps to Move to Canada from USA

Moving from Florida to Canada offers various immigration pathways, including the Express Entry and Provincial Nominee Programs.

Updated On : 28-03-2024
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Immigrate to Canada from South Korea
Immigrate To Canada From South Korea

Moving to Canada from South Korea can be achieved through various paths. As an international student or skilled worker, there are Express Entry and study visa streams to obtain Canadian PR.

Updated On : 27-03-2024
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