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Business Incubator And Accelerator Programs Canada

Last Updated On : February 09 , 2024

What is the Primary Purpose of a business incubator in Canada?

Business incubators in Canada provide support and resources to startups, fostering their growth and success. They offer mentorship, networking opportunities, and infrastructure to help new businesses navigate challenges and thrive in the competitive market.

As more people begin to take an interest in business trends for 2024, it's important to note that if you plan on starting a business in Canada, you'll need to familiarise yourself with the business incubators. This is because your business idea will only be considered if it's been accepted by one of the designated incubators in Canada.

Can business incubators assist with obtaining a startup visa?

Yes, many business incubators in Canada actively support startups seeking a Startup Visa in Canada. A Business Benefits Finder program is designed to assist entrepreneurs in finding services such as grants and funding, expert advice, partnerships and collaborations, and other support services. Designated organisations often provide guidance, resources, and a supportive ecosystem, enhancing the chances of successful visa applications for foreign entrepreneurs looking to establish their businesses in Canada.

According to the Updated Immigration Plan for 2024-2026, IRCC intends to issue 5,000 Invitations to Apply for the Start-up Business Class program (IMM 5759).

What is a Business Incubator?

An Incubator is an establishment that helps start-up company ideas to give a shape from scratch. Incubators provide support through mentoring, guidance, technical help, space to work for a fee for an unlimited time frame.

These incubators would like to fund in order to realise the ideas and expect a portion of the profits in return. They incubate the business ideas and create a business model and progressively educate through workshops and discussions.

Upon the interest in the ideas presented by the start-up companies, the incubators expect them to qualify for the program and perform and achieve the milestones set.

What is a Startup Accelerator?

Accelerators support the start-up companies that are already established with the right amount of customer base, having a minimum viable product with mentorship, materials, and nurture them to a commendable level within a brief span of time.

The duration of the startup accelerator is a maximum of 6 months to speed up the business from the early stage. Accelerators provide expert solutions, guidance to take the business to a next level, apart from that they lend capital as it is an absolute necessity for the growth of the company.

What Is The Difference Between the Business Incubator and Accelerator?

Having understood the terms, let’s see the differences between the two.

Business Incubator Startup accelerators
Startup business Incubators usually are individuals who can pull in investment from venture capitalists, angel investors. Startup accelerators are organisations that aim at having long-term involvement with the startup company.
Business Incubators initiate the actual business or materialising the ideas from the scratch The accelerators help the existing business to move it higher up the ladder and aim for extensive reach out to the customers.
Business incubators work with a startup for a specified time span of 3 to 6 months. The association of accelerators with startup companies is usually long, which stretches to years. There is no defined time interval fixed for their collaboration.
Incubators create a product or develop the business along with the startup organisation. While accelerators have a schedule, determined outcomes and achieving a milestone.
Incubators concentrate on the blooming of the business and focus on the legal and support aspects of the business as well. Business incubators interest also vest on providing collaborative office space for the functioning of the startup. Accelerators provide mentorship, which is their primary focus for the burgeoning of the startup business

What is the Canadian Business Incubator Program?

The business Incubator program provides technical, logical support along with shared office space to work. Many organisations in Canada are startup incubators offering mentorship, investment and walk hand-in-hand with the startup companies. Some Canadian business Incubator programs offer seed capital and look out for a share in the company.

Toronto incubators are having the most innovative startup companies as it is the hub for people with immense calibre, location. Toronto is the most resilient city and is a location with numerous job seekers across the globe. So Toronto becomes the financial capital, at the same time encouraging the traditional small businesses and intensive growth organisations.

A plethora of business incubators in Toronto located in diverse sectors ranging from technology, AI, augmented reality, virtual reality, advanced manufacturing units, solopreneurs.

With guidance from the Canada Accelerator and incubators program, the traditional and fast-paced businesses are seeing enormous growth. They are helpful in creating a resilient environment, as these businesses are helpful in developing the economy.

Eligibility for Canadian Business Incubator Program:

Check the specific eligibility criteria outlined by the Canadian Business Incubator Program, ensuring your business aligns with their requirements.

LOS (Letter Of Support):

A Letter of Support document confirms that the responsible party has assessed your business proposal and guarantees their backing for your business advancement.

Language Requirement:

Provide language test results that show your ability in English, French, or both.

  • For English, you can show CELPIP or IELTS results
  • For French, you can show TEF or TCF Canada results

Settlement Fund:

To immigrate to Canada, you must provide enough proof of funds to demonstrate that you have the financial means to support yourself and your family once you arrive. The minimum amount of funds required varies depending on your family size. You must obtain an official letter from your bank indicating your available funds.

Find Startup Incubators and Accelerators In Canada

The startup companies require guidance and support for the successful running of the company through incubators or startup accelerators. The search for the right guidance is essential to convert the ideas into business models to results.
Let’s see how to find Canada Incubator and accelerators program.

Canadian Universities

The Canadian universities to support their students and the faculty for their research and development have incubator and accelerator programs. Innumerous companies have benefited from university-based programs. The universities and colleges which have combined startup programs are as following:

  • Brock University
  • Canadore College
  • Carleton University
  • Centennial College
  • Georgian College
  • McMaster University
  • Queen’s University
  • The Universities of Toronto and Waterloo

These universities have diverse areas of sectors' specialisation.

Canada Government

The Canadian government is in favour of nurturing startup companies by providing subsidies, grants, loans to small businesses. Learn the benefits of opting for government support as there are tax breaks and government funding for seed capital. The Canadian government is lending a helping hand through startup visas.

An entrepreneur will incur business incubation fees for a Canada startup visa, which may take 12-16 months. A startup visa may require the entrepreneur enrollment into a Canada incubator and Accelerator program.

Unique Ideas

When the startup ideas are unique and have a strong team, the association and the likeliness of acceptance into the program is high. When the company is showcasing talent and ability to perform, the investment capital will be more.


Perform extensive research to apply for a Canada accelerator and incubator program as the services and resources they provide must be in line with your startup company. Understand the knowledge and the offer of the incubator to see if it suits your requirement. If your preferred location is Toronto, then you must seek an association with a Toronto business incubator TiE Toronto OR Toronto Business Development Centre.


The Incubators and accelerators take the business ideas, the team to the next level with the expertise they have earned so far. The program will start from thinking, designing, and executing the ideas in the most presentable fashion and exhibit creativity. Hence, choose the right incubator and accelerator as the business ideas should crawl and move on to the internationalisation of your business.

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