Immigrate to Canada As A Doctor

Last Updated On : June 24 , 2023

Author: Mr. Leo
Immigration Consultant at PAIC

Are you a doctor looking for new opportunities in Canada? Let our immigration consultants help you navigate the complex process of immigrating to Canada. With our expertise, you can start practising medicine in Canada quickly. This blog has mentioned all the essential details you need to apply for Canadian immigration as a doctor.

Canada Immigration Updates for Doctors:

The Canadian immigration department is always dedicated to skilled workers who want to contribute to Canada’s economy. Some physicians are eligible for Canada Express Entry under Canadian Experience Class, but due to self-employment, their express entry profile got rejected by the immigration officer. As per the Temporary public policy update, some new definitions have been added as an exemption under section 25.2 of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act (the Act).

The updated instruction would be applied to the applicants who got an ITA to apply for Canadian PR through Express Entry Draw on or after 25th April 2023.

How can I immigrate to Canada as a doctor?

Here’s how you can immigrate to Canada as a doctor:
1. Research the requirements for the medical profession in Canada
2. Take the Medical Council of Canada Qualifying Examination (MCCQE)
3. Apply for a medical residency program in Canada
4. Obtain a license from the province or territorial government to practice medicine where you plan on working.
5. Apply for permanent residency through the Express Entry system
6. Complete the required language proficiency tests
7. Get your education credentials assessed
8. Check if you meet the minimum requirements for the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score
9. Submit your application for permanent residency through Express Entry
10. Prepare for your move to Canada and plan your relocation.

By following these steps, you can successfully immigrate to Canada as a doctor.

Which province is best for foreign doctors in Canada?

As per the recent draws, British Columbia, Ontario, and Alberta have sent higher ITAs to international physicians than other provinces.

British Columbia Express Entry Draws for Doctors:

British Columbia is the most selected province for international doctors since on an interval of 1 week, the provincial government publishes targeted PNP draws for the healthcare stream. Express Entry candidates eligible under the skilled worker or international student stream under Express Entry British Columbia (EEBC) may receive an invitation to apply for Canada PR through Express Entry. In the recent draws, the provincial government issued 18 invitations on 13th June 2023.

Ontario Express Entry Draws for Doctors:

Doctors with excellent command of the French language have a golden opportunity to get Canada PR through French Speaking Skilled Workers Stream Draw. The provincial government has announced 278 invitations with CRS scores ranging from 312 to 785 for the following NOCs.
NOC 31100 – Specialists in laboratory and clinical medicine
NOC 31101 – Specialists in surgery
NOC 31102 – General practitioners and family physicians
NOC 31112 – Audiologists and Speech-Language Pathologists
NOC 31120 – Pharmacists
NOC 31200 – Psychologists
NOC 31202 – Physiotherapists
NOC 31203 – Occupational Therapists
NOC 31204 – Kinesiologists and similar occupations in therapy and assessment
NOC 31301 – Registered nurses and registered psychiatric nurses
NOC 31302 – Nurse practitioners
NOC 31303 – Allied health professionals, Physician assistants, and midwives
NOC 32101 – Licensed practical nurses
NOC 32103 – Cardiopulmonary technologists, Respiratory therapists, and clinical perfusionists
NOC 32109 – Other technical occupations in therapy and assessment
NOC 32120 – Medical laboratory technologists
NOC 32121 – Medical radiation technologists
NOC 33102 – Patient service associates, Nurse aides, and orderlies
NOC 33103 – Pharmacy assistants and Pharmacy technical assistants
NOC 33109 – Other assisting occupations in support of health services

Alberta Columbia Express Entry Draws for Doctors:

In May, there were 2 draws specifically for Healthcare Pathway. International physicians who want to become permanent residents of Canada should check their eligibility for Express Entry Program and apply for Dedicated Healthcare Pathway. The minimum CRS score for the last express entry draw was 401. Depending on your NOC, you should maintain a CRS score higher than 400.

How many jobs for doctors in Canada?

Doctors Job in Canada
Reference: Data from Statistics Canada for Job vacancies by occupation

There were 95,190 job vacancies for doctors in Canada, where 78,685 positions are permanent, announced, and organized by the provincial government and private organizations. International physicians looking to settle in Canada permanently should create an express entry profile and get an ITA through an express entry draw.
There are 16,505 vacancies temporarily, which can be held by international students who have completed their doctor’s degrees from a Canadian university. Applicants on a TR visa or a work permit can apply for these vacancies.

How can I get a doctor’s job in Canada as an immigrant?

From the given image, we can analyze that 92,180 jobs are available for different NOCs under the healthcare category.

Reference: Data from Statistics Canada for Job vacancies by occupation

Most of these vacancies are for Professional occupations in nursing (Broad occupational category 3 and Major group 30).
Assisting occupations in healthcare services are available in the second position, with 26,505 vacancies.
Eighteen thousand seven hundred eighty-five vacancies are for different designations for the healthcare stream, including NOC 311, 312, 313, 314, 321, and 322. The CRS score would have lower score than for Professional occupations in nursing. Some occupations like Clinical psychologist, Neuropsychologist, and Psychological associate require a doctoral or master’s degree in a particular stream.
The pie chart’s last portion has skilled tech workers in the healthcare stream who should have a 2- to 3-year diploma or bachelor’s degree.

How to get an assessment report to work in Canada as a foreign doctor?

During the immigration process, the Canadian government evaluates some reports of the applicant to check whether the applicant meets the Express Entry minimum entry criteria (MEC). An applicant must submit an Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) report to evaluate educational credentials. This report will recognize that the applicants’ foreign degree equivalent to a Canadian degree for a particular NOC.

Depending on the type of occupation, there are different Designated Professional Bodies to provide the assessment report.

Primary Occupation Designated Regulatory Body
Physicians (NOC 31100, NOC 31101 or NOC 31102) Medical Council of Canada
Pharmacists (NOC 31120) Pharmacy Examining Board of Canada
Physicians (NOC 3111 or NOC 3112) Medical Council of Canada
Pharmacists (NOC 3131) Pharmacy Examining Board of Canada