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Last Updated On : December 14 , 2022

What Is TR To PR Pathway Canada?

The Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) has publicised the intake of essential workers and graduates between May ‘21 to Nov ‘21 to meet the target of 4,01,000 immigrants that was earlier set forth for the period 2021-2023.

With the travel restrictions still on, IRCC announced providing Permanent Residency (PR) to temporary residents (TR) in Canada. This move is to meet the target earlier fixed to attract talented immigrants.

In this stream, IRCC expects 90,000 applications from essential workers and International students who are presently temporary residents. IRCC has laid out the requirements, either the number of applications expected to be received or before Nov ‘21, whichever is earlier.

The TR to PR pathway Canada is a newly launched pathway to Permanent Residency. The applications have to be submitted through TR to PR Canada portal.

TR to PR Pathway Canada Update

The target for this new pathway rolled out by IRCC is the temporary residents in Canada. IRCC seeks applications from candidates belonging to three different sectors.

IRCC opened the TR to PR Canada portal for receiving applications from May ‘21 and is open till Nov ‘21. There is a threshold for the number of applications that are accepted by IRCC.

IRCC expects 40,000 applications from recent graduates from Canadian institutions, 20,000 applications from temporary healthcare workers in Canada and 30,000 applications from essential services workers in Canada.

The applicants should have completed post-secondary education from Canadian institutions; temporary workers who are in essential services or deemed-to-be essential services presently living in Canada.

TR to PR pathway Canada update is that they received the applications for the Canadian graduates in full well before the closure of the last date. Although, if there is no cap for the French-speaking category (Candidate must know to speak French), which replicates the English-speaking stream’s clauses.

The applications for essential services in the new TR to PR Canada pathway, which is sub-categorised into two, the Healthcare services & non-healthcare services. The cap of 30,000 applications had been received in full for the non-healthcare services. While healthcare services are still open for applications.

TR to PR in Canada as a healthcare worker

If you are looking for TR to PR in Canada as a healthcare worker, you can immigrate to British Columbia with minimum points.

BC has been announcing targeted draws for healthcare workers every month since March 10, 2022, and ITAs are being issued with minimum points of 60 points.

Hence, there is a significant opportunity for healthcare workers under TR or work permits to immigrate to BC and get Canada PR with PNP or any of the Federal Immigration programs.

TR to PR Pathway Guide

Who Can Apply?

A candidate who is in Canada as a temporary worker in health service or an essential worker or a graduate from the post-secondary institution can apply for Permanent Residency through TR To PR pathway.

There are six streams, as advocated by IRCC:

· Stream A: Workers in Canada in healthcare
· Stream B: Workers in Canada in essential non-healthcare
· International Graduates
· Stream A: French-speaking workers in Canada in healthcare
· Stream B: French-speaking workers in Canada in essential non-healthcare
· French-speaking International Graduates

TR To PR Eligibility

If the candidate belongs to any of the above-mentioned streams and is residing in Canada is eligible to apply for PR through Canada TR to PR pathway.

The applicant has to submit forms and pay fees for biometric procedures to get Biometric Instruction Letter. This letter, along with your presence for submission, will hasten the application formalities.

TR To PR Processing Time

Usually, the processing time ranges between 4-5 weeks’ time , although it is uncertain because of the pandemic conditions prevailing all over the world.

IRCC could not process the applications as in the past and hence could not give the tentative timeline for processing the TR to PR applications. Yet, they process the applications once they receive a completed application with all the relevant documents.

TR To PR Document Check List

The supporting documents checklist required for Temporary Resident to Permanent Resident pathway streams are:

· Proof Of Your Entry And Status In Canada:
The applicant has to submit a study permit or work permit as proof of their stay in Canada. Proof has to be shown for their stay during the submission of application, and also when IRCC decides for issuance of PR.
· Proof of Current Employment In Canada:
A document supporting your employer in an organisation in Canada with your Canada work permit. A reference letter from your current employer with the contact details of your employer. The letter must contain the applicant salary details, employment period, roles and responsibilities, number of hours per week.
· Immigration Medical Exams:
The application for the Permanent Resident pathway solicits Immigration Medical Exams by a panel of physicians. If you had already completed, attach the supporting information sheet or medical report form even if had been a while ago. This is a mandatory procedure to be performed also by the family members.
· Police certificates:
1. The police certificate has to be added for TR to PR Canada Visa when:
2. The candidate and the family members are 18 years or above
3. The candidate and the family members must submit proof of stay in the past 10 years for 6 months or more in any country.
· A photograph:
A photo of the applicant and the other family members has to be uploaded along with the application.

Login to your profile where the application was submitted and check the status of your application. They update it in your account.

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