Move to Canada from Sri Lanka

Move to Canada from Sri Lanka

Last Updated On : April 02 , 2024

There are many motivations behind why individuals need to immigrate to Canada from Sri Lanka, such as creating a superior future for their families, a decent work-life balance, furthering their examinations, or perhaps getting away from the buzzing about city life. A skilled worker can select an economic immigration program based on their qualifications.

A steadily increasing number of individuals are getting prepared to migrate to Canada over the following time. The Canadian Government has expressed its intention to permit more than a million new Canadian Skilled Migrants, including Citizens of Sri Lanka.

Can I work in Canada?

As a Sri Lanka Citizen, your possibilities for finding work in Canada are high. The schooling system in Sri Lanka is likewise exceptionally respected, meaning that there are solid possibilities to find work in Canada for Sri Lanka Citizens.

The most famous work in Canada for individuals emigrating from Sri Lanka is administrative and proficient positions, trailed by Skilled Trades. Sri Lanka Citizens from the clinical callings are additionally sought after across every one of the Canadian Provinces.

Can I study in Canada?

To study in Canada, you should obtain a Canadian report grant, which fills in as a student visa for the length of your visit. You needn’t bother with a Canadian report license assuming your course or program endures a half year or less.

Study Visa Fee:

  • Educational expenses in Canada:

Colleges in Canada set their fees, and these fluctuate depending on a few factors.

  • Typical cost for most everyday items in Canada:

The three main kinds of student convenience (home stay, college convenience and private convenience) differ significantly in costs.

  • Student visa and application fees:

To study in Canada, you should obtain a Canadian report license, which fills in as a student visa for the term of your visit.

What are the Canada Visa Types?

Before applying for a Canadian visa, you should initially realize which visa you need to apply for.

Here are the kinds of Canada visas:

You should pick the one that fits the rationale of why you need to go to Canada

Why do Citizens of Sri Lanka move to Canada?

Canada is the World’s second-biggest country; with incredible scenes ranging from high as can be mountains, beautiful seashores and glimmering ice sheets. With a history of welcoming workers, Canada offers superb personal satisfaction with good vocation and open doors.

  • The best country to live on the planet.
  • Effective migration with complete family
  • High typical earnings for new transients.
  • Similarly, the inexpensive cost for most everyday items.
  • Bountiful government assistance plans ranging from advanced age annuities, kid care benefits, medical coverage.
  • Let loose schooling for all students to an optional level.
  • Migration feasible for skilled workers.

How PAIC Will Help To Start Canada Immigration

Paul Abraham Immigration Consulting has a team of experts who have guided many individuals, including international skilled workers and international students from Sri Lanka and other countries, from creating an express entry profile to receiving an ITA from IRCC. Here is how our RCIC will help you:

  1. Gathering data and starting assessment.
  2. Find the best immigration program with your details.
  3. Creating an Express Entry Profile
  4. Gathering required documents
  5. Suggesting applicants for CRS enhancement (if applicable)
  6. Keep clients updated with Express Entry Draw
  7. Informing applicants on receiving an ITA from IRCC
  8. Get your Canadian PR.


Canada is a dream destination for millions of immigrants who are waiting to be Permanent residents sooner. The foremost concern is not about settling down in the best province, rather calling your province your home based on your profession and in the best interest of your family.

Our RCIC, Mr. Paul Abraham, has been a player in this particular aspect. Thus, he is the best person to guide you through the entire process. The PAIC team takes care of your immigration application from scratch till the end.