Work in Canada as an Immigrant

Last Updated On : December 14 , 2022

To work in Canada, you should have a business plan and start a business in Canada, or an employer should select your profile as a Foreign worker. If you are looking for an online job portal in Canada, Job Bank would be the best Portal that will provide you with all essential updates regarding Jobs in Canada. The Portal provides complete information about the job, including job opportunities | job description | wages | job prospects | job requirements and skills. The Portal will guide you for particular NOC, job locations, and similar opportunities.

Work in Canada as a Skilled Worker

If you want Canada PR as a Skilled worker, Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP) will be the best pathway for Canada Immigration. Federal Skilled Worker is a program that comes under express entry. A predefined selection factor will evaluate your profile and give you points in the 100-point grid. It would help if you worked as a skilled worker in 1 of the updated NOC TEER.
If you get a job from a Canadian employer and seek a work permit as soon as possible, you can select Global Talent Stream since by Global Talent Stream you can get your work permit within 2 weeks.

Work in Canada as a Social Worker

IRCC is always looking for possibilities and ensures a happy life for newcomers in Canada. Suppose you have social health management experience, improving people's quality of life and counselling services to patients and families. In that case, you can immigrate to Canada as a social worker. Multiple private and Government organizations help people with challenges in their lives. They help with various situations, such as adopting a child, being diagnosed with a terminal illness, or preventing and treating substance abuse.

Work in Canada as a Skilled Trade Worker

As a skilled trade worker, you can permanently live and work in Canada by applying for Federal Skilled Trade Program. There is some experience required as per the trade you have worked in. You can check your Eligibility for Federal Skilled Trades Program. Note: Check the details before applying for PR application with an updated NOC document. If you are immigrating to Canada as a Trade Worker, the federal government has launched some supportive programs for you that will help you for a better life in Canada.

Some of the Supportive Programs by the Canadian government for Skilled Trade workers:

Red Seal Program

The program has been setup as a partnership between the federal government and provinces and territories that sets common benchmarks to measure and enhance the skills of tradespeople across Canada. It is also responsible for apprenticeship training and trade certification. There are some selected Trades selected Trades under which you can apply for the Red Seal program and can obtain the benefits of this program.
The Canadian Council of Directors of Apprenticeship (CCDA) supports the development of skilled trades in Canada and manages the Red Seal Program.

Tax Deductions

The Federal Government always supports and announces programs that can help newcomers in Canada. The Government of Canada offers a range of tax credits and incentives for apprentices and tradespersons. You can get more details on tax relaxation for immigrants in Canada .

Benefits for Workers in Canada

Employment Insurance (EI) Benefits

EI provides regular benefits to individuals who lose their jobs during a shortage of work, or seasonal or mass lay-offs. Recently Fintech behemoth Robinhood is reported to have slashed more than 1,000 jobs this year. Beauty brand Glossier cut 80 jobs, mostly on its technology side. By late June this year, Netflix had already laid off roughly 450 employees. Musk had reportedly axed about half of Twitter’s 7,500 employees. In such cases, IRCC is always prepared to protect its employees.
An online portal that will guide employee benefits with factors: Provinces/territory, household income / Health coverage. You can also check your Eligibility for EI as a Canadian Employer .

Labour Market Development Agreements program

Canadian Government takes the responsibility for developing Labours in Canada with this Program so employees can keep good jobs. There are different agreement programs per province, you can learn more about the Labour Market Development Agreements program.

Youth Employment and Skills Strategy Program

The purpose of Youth Employment and Skills Strategy Program [YESS] is to provide more flexible employment services and enhanced support to all young Canadians. The program offered to help young people gain the skills, abilities and experience they need to get good-quality jobs

Foreign Credential Recognition Program

The Canadian government supports skilled newcomers through this program. The Foreign Credential Recognition Program supports the labour market integration of skilled newcomers by:

· Simplifying and adjusting national credential recognition processes.
· Financial settlement and support services to help with the foreign credential recognition processes.
· Helping skilled newcomers gain their first Canadian work experience in their trade.

To use Foreign Credential Recognition Program as a worker in Canada, you should meet certain requirements, you can check it on Foreign Credential Recognition Tool. Employee benefits conceal the indirect wage of your workforce. You can learn more about the Benefits for Employers in Canada.

Make a resume to apply for Jobs in Canada

Job Bank Canada provides its own tool so the applicant can make the best resume online. The tool provides the best features as follows:

· Showcases your goals and qualifications with a predefined template.
· AI features save your time in writing and make sure you use the exact words as employers, thousands of pre-defined options are also available.
· Store your resume online for different profiles as per your experience.