Move to Canada from Nigeria

For many Nigerians, immigrating to Canada presents many opportunities not available to them in their home country. New work, valuable open doors, a thriving economy, and internationally perceived schools are generally factors that make Canada a top destination for Nigerian immigrants.

How to immigrate to Canada from Nigeria

Here are a few of the most popular ways to emigrate from Nigeria to Canada:

  1. Express Entry

Express Entry is the quickest and most famous pathway for newbies seeking another life in Canada. Express Entry sorts out and processes applications for individuals who wish to immigrate to Canada and get a Canadian permanent home.

Candidates with college or advanced education with talented work insight, and moderate English proficiency or French proficiency are ideal applicants. Nigerian professionals will often do well in the Express Entry pool for this explanation.

Candidates who fit the bill for the following projects are additionally qualified to present an application under the Express Entry program:

  • Government Skilled Worker (FSW)
  • Government Skilled Trades (FST)
  • Canadian Experience Class (CEC)


  1. Provincial Nominee Program (PNP)

Each of Canada’s thirteen provinces and territories works its movement programs, called Provincial Nominee Programs, or PNPs. As the provinces have various populaces and economies, their movement programs are exceptional and work to accommodate their financial and segment needs.

PNPs are a well-known choice since they can be the quickest pathway to a Canadian permanent home.

If you are nominated through a PNP lined up with Express Entry, you will get different Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) points. It implies you are ensured to get an invitation to apply (ITA) for a permanent home in the following Express Entry draw.

How much money do you need to immigrate to Canada from Nigeria?

Moving to another nation isn’t just a huge choice yet. In addition, it requires a significant financial responsibility. We should examine the total cost breakdown for several key kinds of uses.

  • Cost of permanent occupant visa Canada.
  • How much does it cost to relocate to Canada?
  • How many assets for the Canada movement?
  • Canada Express Entry total cost.
  • Express Entry application charge.
  • Cost of WES assessment for Canada migration.

How to relocate to Canada from Nigeria without IELTS?

There are various choices available for individuals who can’t give IELTS scores while applying to entrance into Canadian universities. Here are the best choices recommended by universities for those planning to study in Canada without IELTS:

  • You can give scores on other English Proficiency tests like TOEFL, Duolingo English Test, and PTE.
  • You can submit proof that you have contemplated in an English medium school for somewhere around four years as the replacement for English proficiency scores.
  • The up-and-comers from an English-speaking nation are likewise absolved from providing IELTS scores in Canada.
  • You can likewise settle on the English language course offered by the college for the people who can’t give English proficiency scores.


Universities in Canada without IELTS

Assuming that you have Previous Education in English, you can get this letter from your school or college and apply for your review license as an English Requirement under this letter.

  • Have Country: Canada
  • Grant: Fully Funded
  • Programs: Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Ph.D. Degrees Programs.

What You Need to Study in only to submit the English Language Proficiency Certificate, you need to tell them that you’re Previous Degree Institute was in English. Let us share some Canadian universities’ names with you that don’t need IELTS.

  • Okanagan College
  • Concordia University
  • Cambrian College

SINP processing time

The processing time is refreshed each quarter (at regular intervals). It shows the average time it took that quarter to deal with an application. The time is estimated in weeks for every classification. Processing times can change and are not generally an exact forecast for future applications.

Free education in Canada for International Students

Do you need to study in Canada? Is it true or not that you are stressed over the costs of education? You are not by any means the only one who has this concern. Canada is accepted as a costly economy for international students, yet this doesn’t seem right.

  • The Canadian government has given free education to international students, including educational expenses, living costs, and medical coverage.
  • This guide is about free education in Canada for international students.

Best places to live in Canada for Nigerian immigrants

 With Canada being the second-biggest country, deciding where to begin can overpower. Canada has ten provinces and three territories, each with its unique appeal.

  1. Ontario

Ontario is the most well-known province for new immigrants coming to Canada by a wide margin. In 2021, Ontario got about a portion of all new Canadian permanent residents.

  1. British Columbia

Situated on the west bank of Canada, British Columbia is known for its delightful ordinary scene. After Ontario, British Columbia was the most famous province of destination for new immigrants in 2021.

  1. Quebec

Quebec is the third most well-known province for newbie’s coming to Canada. Quebec is Canada’s best province for immigrants who appreciate social exercise and like the French language.

  1. Alberta

Finally, the fourth most famous province among immigrants in 2021 was Alberta. Situated in Western Canada, Alberta offers probably the most famous regular attractions.


Cost of migrating to Canada from Nigeria

The sum relies upon whether you’re relocating alone or with your loved ones. Also, except if you have some work waiting for you in Canada, you’ll need sufficient money to keep you above water until you get settled.

For this reason, the Canadian government requires those applying for permanent homes to have a certain sum in their financial balance. Your migration pathway likewise influences the cost to move to Canada from Nigeria:

  1. Provincial Nomination Programs (PNPs) 

Eleven provincial and territorial states oversee PNPs in Canada. Every one of these provinces and territories concludes its processing or application expenses.

If you’re nominated for PNP, the sum you pay for processing will add to the cost of your permanent occupant application. Getting a PNP nomination supports your possibilities of movement significantly.

  1. Express Entry

     Made by Immigration, Refugee, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), Express Entry is intended for gifted specialists and relatives.

  1. Cost of Temporary Visa and Immigration Documents

The impermanent Visa is for you if you have any desire to feel the country first before making a move permanent.

An impermanent visa resembles a work grant or visitor visa. You can set up your movement application if you find the nation that suits you. For this application, you’ll need documents of your clinical examination and language proficiency test results.


Are LMIA jobs available in Canada?

Canada is possibly the most sought-after area for international transients and individuals looking for LMIA Jobs. This excellent country gives opportunities to live, work, study, travel, and take occasions in beautiful surroundings.

The central legislature of Canada additionally offers additional government assistance, and educational and medical services projects to all residents, immigrants, and international gifted specialists.

Accordingly, Canada is a sought-after destination for young professionals, thoroughly prepared youngsters, foreign graduates, and profoundly talented representatives.

Probably the surest technique to immigrate to Canada is to find a new line of work that has been approved by the Labor Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) or LMIA Jobs.

It is sometimes alluded to as an LMIA work license since it ensures business opportunities for qualified candidates in Canada for a predetermined period. The LMIA employment opportunities in Canada permit qualified individuals to work for a Canadian organization in a specific province or territory for LMIA Jobs.


Conclusion :

The initial move towards moving to Canada is to get an appraisal of your particular circumstance. Hire a migration specialist for an evaluation to check whether you are qualified to move to Canada or finish up an online appraisal form.

Our RCIC, Mr. Paul Abraham, has been a player in this particular aspect. Thus, he is the best person to guide you through the entire process. The PAIC team takes care of your immigration application from scratch till the end. Please visit our website for better guidance.

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