How to Move to Canada from Hong Kong : A Guide for Expats and Their Families

the image is of blog which describe how you can move to Canada permanently from Hong Kong, including details Hong Kong policy updates, jet job in Canada from Hong Kong.

Posted On : Feb 14 , 2023 13:37:pm

Last Updated On : August 24 , 2023

Author: Mr. Leo
Immigration Consultant at PAIC

Canada is one of the most popular destinations for Hong Kongers looking for work and study opportunities abroad . Significant cultural ties between Hong Kong and Canada continue through trade, tourism, education and business interactions. There are multiple pathways for Hong Kong residents to Canadian Immigration, including Skilled worker Express Entry, Skilled trade worker, having Canadian Experience, Provincial Nominee Program and other Business Immigration programs.

The Canadian economy is growing at a healthy pace with strong prospects in the technology, finance and healthcare sectors. More than 2 million Canadians are employed by multinational companies operating out of Canada, while 1 million more work in local businesses across the country. These factors make it easy for skilled workers from Hong Kong to find jobs in their field or advance their careers further through continuing education or additional professional training after settling in Canada.

Canadian Immigration Update for Hong Kong residents

IRCC regularly conducts surveys to make the Canadian immigration system more reliable; by analysing these surveys and feedback, the ministerial board of Canada updates the Immigration system. On 6th February 2023, in a press conference, IRCC announced major updates in Hong Kong's pathway policy.

Update on Canadian work experience stream (Stream B) for Hong Kong residents


On July 11, 2023, Canadian Immigration Department announced an update for Hong Kongers who are trying to get Canadian pr through express entry under Canadian Experience Class.

From August 15, 2023, IRCC will no longer need applicants for permanent residence in Hong Kong to have completed any formal education as part of the Canadian work experience stream (Stream B). Because of this immigration update, a larger pool of Hong Kong residents with Canadian work experience will be able to apply for permanent residency. The requirement for candidates to show proof of education has been removed, thereby streamlining the application procedure.

In addition to the recent extension and expansion of open work permits for Hong Kong residents, this amendment will help those already living in Hong Kong make the move to permanent residence. This would pave the way for qualified Hong Kong residents to join Canada's diversified workforce and contribute their own set of talents and experiences.

What are Hong Kong Pathway Policy Updates?

Hong Kong pathway Policy is to make the Canadian immigration process smooth and solid for Hong Kongers. PR programs for Hong Kongers will remain open until 2026 who have work experience in Canada or have studied in Canada. There are some updates for Open work permits as well. The Hong Kong Pathway Policy is a Canadian immigration policy that allows qualified individuals from Hong Kong to immigrate to Canada as permanent residents.

How to Get A Job In Canada From Hong Kong?

Getting a high-paying job in Canada through Express Entry is difficult. You need to qualify for the program and get an invitation from the government of Canada.
Express Entry would be the best immigration pathway, which lets immigrants apply for Permanent Residence (PR) directly from overseas using their CRS score. You will receive an invitation to apply if you have enough points under the Express Entry system. The most important factor in determining your eligibility is your education level; however, there are also factors related to age, work experience and language ability that can affect how many points you get.

YEE HONG, one of the largest Canadian not-for-profit organisations, provides Programs & Services Development in Canada and Hong Kong Universities. The Yee Hong Organization has partnered with the Factor-Inwentash Faculty of Social Work from the University of Toronto and the Centre for Learning and Change in Canada and Hong Kong in providing educational activities for the followings:
Social effectiveness training for managers and staff
Play intervention for dementia
Study tours
Social work and social service work
Student placements and cultural sensitivity and inclusion training.

What are the requirements to get Canada PR from Hong Kong?

The processing, documentation, and submission of the Permanent Residency (PR) application are the three primary steps of Immigration to Canada. If you meet all of these requirements, you may be eligible to become a permanent resident in Canada. To become a qualified Express Entry candidate, you must have the required work experience, a superior CRS score, and a verified ECA report. We have a dedicated page about the documentation needed for Canada PR immigration: A few of these requirements that you must meet are the following:

Eligible to apply for permanent residence in Canada

You must meet the criteria for one of the many available immigration programs with a maintaining maximum CRS score. If you are applying for Express Entry, keep updated with the latest express entry Draws.

Proof of funds – Skilled immigrants

You must also be able to demonstrate that you will be able to successfully establish yourself in Canada. This includes showing that you have adequate funds to support yourself, that you can participate in the workforce, and that you intend to settle in Canada permanently.

Immigration Medical Exam (IME)

Additionally, you may be required to pass a medical examination and a security check.

Legal Support for Hong Kongers in Canada

Canadian immigration law provides certain rights and protections to newcomers, including the right to work and the right to study. Those seeking permanent status in Canada can apply for permanent residence through the Express Entry program or a provincial nominee program. Additionally, several organisations in Canada provide legal support and advice to Hong Kongers. With the right support and guidance, Hong Kongers in Canada can confidently navigate their new lives.
Hong Kong Watch is one of these organisations that ensures Hong Konger should not face any complexity having the intention of settling in Canada permanently.

Toronto Hong Kong Parent Group is responsible for the settlement support program for Hong Kongers who have come to Canada as permanent residents. These non-profit organisations provide a range of resources and services to help newcomers from Hong Kong adjust to life in Canada and access the opportunities available to them.


PAIC guides international expats, including Hong Kong residents through the Canadian Immigration Process. We assist people across the globe in getting a Permanent Residency or a Study Permit in Canada. Our Immigration Consultant Paul Abraham, has helped people overseas through legal and documentation processes to increase the chances of their Canadian Immigration.

Frequently Ask Questions :

Yes, You can. On 17th Aug 2023 Ontario has issued 2084 invitations to multiple streams where one of them was NOC 32200 which is for Traditional Chinese medicine practitioners and acupuncturists.

To qualify for permanent residency in 2021, a single claimant without a partner or common-law partner and any dependent children should have an equivalent of CAD 13213 in savings. A couple trying to immigrate to Canada would have a total settlement fund of CAD 16449. You must save a supplemental CAD 3560 for each additional dependent family member, even if they do not accompany you to Canada.

Yes, if you meet the eligibility criteria. NOC 42202 (childhood educators) is an in-demand occupation in Canada. You can apply for either Home Child-Care Provider Pilot or Home Support Worker Pilot.

Yes, there are some specific instructions for healthcare workers in each province. If you are moving to Ontario as a new physician looking to practise medicine for the first time or you’re an experienced doctor, the CPSO is the body that grants you your medical licence.

Strongest recoveries of G7 countries. Hong Kong supports communities.

Yes, a newcomer to Canada from Hong Kong named Alan Lau started his company Wattpad with 170 employees.

Yes, Han Peng Dong (Chinese-Canadian politician) and Anna Victoria Wong ( Executive Director at Community Family Services of Ontario) have shown their delightful thoughts at the recent press conference on Hong Kong Immigration Pathway held on 6th February 2023.