3 Basic Steps for Moving to Canada from India

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Posted On : Mar 16 , 2023 12:17:pm

Last Updated On : August 26 , 2023

Author: Mr. Peter
Immigration Consultant at PAIC


On 16th Aug 2023, Saskatchewan sent 224 Expression of interest to candidates residing in India. You can apply for the Enhanced Provincial Nominee program if you have experience in the following NOCs. The lowest score of the ranked candidates to apply was 60.

00015 13101 21120 22212 22232
22300 22303 70010 72010 72011
72012 72013 72014 72020 72021
72100 72106 72200 72300 72301
72320 72400 72401 72410 72500

A significant number of immigrants from India have recently immigrated to Canada. In 2022, 118,095 immigrants, and in 2021 1,27,940 immigrants received Canadian PR visa from Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada.

Indian Immigrants in Canada stats
The figure above shows that Indian expatriates have a major part in being Canadian residents in 2021 and 2022.
Canada is a popular destination for immigrants from India. Canada has a rich history of immigration and offers many opportunities for people looking to relocate to this country.

Canada's economy is increasing, and there are plenty of job opportunities in various sectors such as construction, manufacturing, IT, etc. The cost of living in Canada is also meagre compared to other countries, which makes it even more attractive for people moving here from India.

Are you looking to move to Canada From India?

Here is how PAIC can help throughout the process concerning different immigration programs.

With 30+ Years of experience in Canada immigration, Paul Abraham Immigration Consulting has a successful record of 1345+ approved applications from all countries, including India. Our immigration consultant Paul Abraham is a registered RCIC with License No. R406367.

Canada Immigration Programs

Which would be the best pathway for Immigrating to Canada from India:

Express Entry is the most common way to immigrate to Canada, and the second most selected program is a study permit.

Move to Canada from India with Express Entry

Since the Express Entry program is focused on skilled immigrants, many expatriate tech workers working abroad have applied for Canada immigration through Express Entry. The number of new immigrants from India has increased since last year as many employees have been fired from major tech companies, including Twitter, Amazon, Ola, Tech Mahindra, etc.
As a skilled international worker, you can apply with any of the following programs:

  • Federal Skilled Worker Program
  • Federal Skilled Trade Program
  • Canadian Experience Class Program

Move to Canada from India with a Study Permit visa

You can apply for a study permit in Canada as an international student. Before applying, you should confirm that you have an Educational credential assessment (ECA) report, verifying that your foreign degree, diploma, or certificate is valid and match the IRCC's guidelines for a study permit. An applicant should ensure he/she has an acceptance letter from a designated learning institution (DLI).

Move to Canada from India with Enhanced Provincial Nominee Program

Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) have targeted to welcome 105,500 immigrants in 2023 through Provincial Nominee Program. As there are many layoffs in tech industries worldwide, Canada still welcomes new immigrants to the IT industry.

British Columbia has already sent 1,519 Invitations To Apply for tech occupations under Express Entry British Columbia.

Ontario has sent 1000+ invitations to health workers, tech workers and skilled trade workers through Ontario’s Express Entry Skilled Trades stream and Ontario’s Express Entry Human Capital Priorities stream.

Review of our Client: Gail Dsouza from India

IRCC Updates For Canada Immigration

As an immigrant, you should be aware of Canada immigration news. An update from the Canadian immigration department will increase your chances of getting a Canadian visa. You can also update your profile on the application portal if any new guidelines have been announced by Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). By keeping yourself updated with immigration news, you can prepare a plan to live in Canada before getting a PR visa.
NOC 2021 and Bill C-19 were the major updates for Canadian Immigration in 2023.

How PAIC assist for Immigrating to Canada From India

Paul Abraham Immigration Consulting is a well-known immigration service provider handling profiles for international skilled workers and International students looking to apply for an online Canada PR from India.

Step 1: Profile Competency Evaluation (PCE)

The PCE ensures that the applicant's profile is evaluated by the RCIC (Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant) and their competency is investigated with all the available 60+ Canadian immigration programs. The results of PCE are sent to the client's email address in 48hrs. The PCE report comes in the form of a 20-page detailed document containing the investigation results and recommendations per the review done by our Immigration Consultant, Mr Paul Abraham. (License No. R406367).

Step 2: Profile Building for Express Entry (EE) Pool

This profile building is an expert's task since it involves a lot of complexities and is the most important step in maximizing your chance of receiving an Invitation to Apply (ITA) from IRCC. In this Express Entry pool, the profile is active for one year. If the applicant gets a CRS score matching the latest express entry draw, he receives an ITA (Invitation To Apply) from IRCC.

Step 3: Application for Permanent Residency (APR)

If the applicant receives an ITA, we manage all aspects of this process by providing the following immigration services:

  • Forms and documents,
  • Case creation,
  • Verification,
  • Milestone navigation,
  • Interview preparation,
  • Special issue advice and
  • Communications with the government


Why should you choose PAIC for moving to Canada from India?

Moving to a new country can be difficult, but with the correct advice and support, it can be a positive experience. It can be an enriching experience. Canada is an attractive destination for many worldwide, particularly Indians. PAIC can provide reliable, practical guidance and support on immigrating and settling in Canada. With a team of experts and years of experience, PAIC provides essential services to make transitioning to Canada straightforward and stress-free.