Atlantic Immigration Program

Atlantic Immigration Program

Atlantic Immigration Program

Atlantic Immigration Program

The Atlantic Immigration Program is an employer-driven migration policy designed to fill labour market gaps in the four Atlantic provinces. For an employer considering joining the Program, Designation is the first stage.

Before you may apply for a candidate’s endorsement under the Atlantic Immigration Program, you must first complete the Employer Designation Application Form. Before you may enter the Program, you must first fulfil this Designation. If your initial Designation remains valid, your future program usage will be supported.

Before any endorsements are issued or offered to your firm, the information supplied in this form will be verified by a provincial immigration official.

The Atlantic Immigration Program focuses on the following areas:

  • Changes in the climate
  • Infrastructure
  • Workforce with expertise
  • Pure development
  • Innovation
  • Trade and investment

Atlantic Canada Immigration

The Atlantic Immigration Program (AIP) provides qualified foreign employees and international graduates from a recognised post-secondary school in Atlantic Canada with a road to permanent residency in New Brunswick.

The initiative assists companies in New Brunswick in hiring suitable applicants for positions that they have been unable to fill locally. Employers suffering shortages in the industries listed below must first become “designated” before the Province will “endorse” their employment. You can also hire people through the Atlantic Immigration Program if you are “designated.” Employer designation is the Province’s responsibility.

Atlantic Immigration Program Requirements

To be eligible for the AIP, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Unless you are an international student who has completed a recognised post-secondary school in Atlantic Canada, you must have qualifying job experience.
  • fulfill the educational requirements
  • Meet the language requirements and demonstrate that you have sufficient settlement cash. If you already have a valid work visa and are working and living in Canada, you do not need to present proof of settlement money.

Employers in Atlantic Canada

Each Province manages employer designations for the Atlantic Immigration Pilot on a unique basis.

  • New Brunswick, Canada
  • Labrador and Newfoundland
  • Nova Scotia, Canada
  • Island of Prince Edward

All prior Designations under the pilot have been revoked after the Atlantic Immigration Program (AIP) became permanent in January 2022. Employers must apply for Designation under the permanent AIP once more.

Please keep in mind that the presence of a Designated Employer on this list does not always imply that the company has openings for foreign employees. We recommend that you seek any companies that could be of interest to you and look at their job sections on their websites (google the company’s name). If there are no job openings, try sending an email.

International Graduates and Skilled Foreign Workers


With zero job experience, an immigrant can apply for permanent residence in Canada or overseas under the AIPP’s International Graduate subprogram. This implies that simply finishing a two-year study in an Atlantic provinces educational institution and receiving a job offer after graduation can lead to guaranteed Canadian PR and, eventually, citizenship.


Unlike the Federal Skilled Worker Program, which needs CLB/NCLC 7, the AIPP only requires CLB/NCLC 4, which means that a lack of English or French competence will no longer hinder your Canadian PR goals. Finally, the AIPP is not a points-based programme like EE and the federal and provincial programmes it covers. Anyone who meets the qualifying conditions is eligible to apply.


How do I Immigrate to Atlantic Canada?


  • The employer introduces the candidate to a settlement service provider. The provider above will now undertake a needs assessment service to determine the settlement plan to be implemented by the candidate and their family.
  • The agreed settlement plan is submitted to both the company and the candidate.
  • The employer completes the endorsement application and finds a programme that fits the employee’s job experience. The employment offer and settlement plan have been presented to the Province.
  • The candidate delivers a complete permanent residency application to the IRCC. It is accompanied by the appropriate documentation and an endorsement letter.
  • The application has been filed, and if granted, the applicant and the individuals involved can now relocate to Atlantic Canada.


A Canadian educational credential and work experience guarantee that an Express Entry applicant will gain important additional points towards their comprehensive ranking framework (CRS) score. You are making them more competitive among other applicants for gaining permanent resident status!

Our RCIC, Mr. Paul Abraham, has been a player in this particular aspect. Thus, he is the best person to guide you through the entire process. The PAIC team takes care of your immigration application from scratch till the end. Please visit our website for better guidance.

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